Are You Ready to Add This Master Skill to Your Business Toolbox...

This ONE master skill is responsible for the bulk of my success.

It is because of it that I have been approached by clients and partners even while I haven't hosted any paid trainings, made any offers, done any product or program marketing in the past three years.

This skill has brought invitations to . . .

  • Co-Host Webinars
  • Participate in Virtual Events
  • Join a New Business Venture
  • Attend New Business Trainings (for free)

In the while that my business has been on low vibe, this master skill has seen me through some very challenging times.

So . . . while I haven't hosted any business trainings in almost 4 years this ONE master skill has served me still. Even after all this time, this master skill sings to me. Whether I take time off in my business, or decide to change my brand, this master skill opens the door to a world of high level purpose and profit, influence and impact.

Ready to add this master skill to your business toolbox? I'm delighted to share with you my experience and expertise in this dynamic playground and I've got a special offer for you . . .

What is this Master Skill?​

Partnership, and more importantly, real relationships!

It's the currency of the new economy. If you have a body of work, that you are ready to share with the world, partnering with other entrepreneurs is the fast track to becoming an authority.

And when you are an authority things flow TO you ...

. . . more clients
. . . more offers to speak
. . . more influence, impact and income
. . . more opportunities to make a difference

This level of visibility, and vulnerability, can feel a little scary. You are putting yourself out there for all the world to see.

"I remember gripping the phone, picking it up and dialing my first JV Partner, all the while trying not to stir up the nest of naysayers in my head. I was totally beyond my comfort zone and it felt terrifying, at first. Once I connected with the person on the other end, that all fell away. I made it through that call and hundreds of others."

Partnering is scary, at first.  It's also terribly exciting!

So here's the thing to notice, there's two ways you can look at this:  as a problem, or a possibility.

I've done both. The possibility perspective is much more fun and attracts good fortune! So, the inner game is real. Yes, you will encounter it on your business adventure. Yes, you can find a way to navigate it gracefully.


I think I've probably heard most of the reasons why folks put off joint ventures, and so have you. But, it all boils down to ONE thing . . . Fear.

  • ​You're procrastinating because you think you need to have more credibility, products, a bigger list, etc. Those are all good things to have, but it will take you a lot longer to grow your business if you insist on doing it on your own. Joint Ventures are the fast track to evolve your business and you!
  • You'd love to host an interview with "Ms. Social Media Expert" but why would she say 'Yes' to you. This is all about what you think they're thinking. (It's really ALL about your limiting beliefs.) You don't know what they're thinking. But you think you do. Here's the deal: You'll get more 'Yes' than 'No's.' Expert Speakers are always looking to introduce their work to new audiences.
  • ​You don't have your technology and marketing in place.  Ok, this is a real concern and fear of technology or marketing (and how to put it in place so that you're feeling skilled and competent) is something we address in this training!

Do you notice that the more energy that you give these thoughts - thinking, speaking, writing and all around obsessing about them - only magnifies the stream of stinking thinking? It diminishes your power and possibility. Right?

Listen, fear is an extraordinary survival mechanism. However, in your business fear is a growth opportunity. Here's what's actually happening: your focus is in the wrong place. The focus is on the separation perspective.

All you need to do is shift to a we perspective, this is easily experienced in aligned partnerships.

Ready to flip the switch? I have ONE guaranteed way to access the master switch and really flip this one into power and purpose. Want to know what it is?


Being the one isn't about being number one, or anything silly like that. It's about being seen and heard as a VOICE for your message.

When you lead the change on your message, Life rushes in with natural flow. Your world is a roller coaster of just in time resources. You meet the 'perfect person' or the BIG idea evolves effortlessly. Your work is a dance of passion, power and play. Grace greets you at your doorstep.

As a visionary entrepreneur the most powerful and pleasurable playground is to hang out with your visionary business buddies. When you come together you'll create a powerful ripple of transformation for your communities and grow the weave of visionary connection. Don't you want to play with these kids?

On a practical level getting lost in limiting beliefs can kill your business. It can . . .

  • Put a ceiling on your income
  • Limit your ability to connect with powerful partners
  • Disconnect you from your creative genius

This less than perspective is a call to a higher awareness, a pivot point for evolution. It means growth. Are you ready to dive in?


Listen, we ALL experience inner game challenges when we feel cut off from our flow. The thing to know is that you can shift from disconnected to super connected. This is the playground where genius lives!

I have 3 resources that I regularly use to align with the biggest possibility on offer. Do you want to know what they are?

  1. Practice. This is all about invoking Presence. Sometimes I need tools, so my tool box is overflowing with alignment practices like energy shifts, guided visualizations, meditation, singing, sound healing, tarot cards, goddess cards, pendulums, essential oils and more. My days are steeped in sacred practices like journaling and connective conversations. It also includes 'my work.' Plus, things that elicit passion, joy and fun, like family and friends, the latest tech tool, dancing, creative community and more.
  2. Power Pals. One of the secret outcomes of partnering with so many fabulous entrepreneurs is that you become real friends. When I'm stuck I can pick up the phone and connect with one of my biz buddies and the creative juices flow again. I also connect when I'm feeling fab just to chat, which often turns into a creative brainstorming whoosh. When you work virtually it feeds your soul to be able to connect real time with your visionary buddies.
  3. Peeps. This is my community. We hang out on the phone, on social media. Sometimes it's trainings and classes I take or host. I am regularly connected to the folks in my tribe, my community, my people. It gives me no greater joy than to have real conversations with folks who collaborate with me on the unleashing of genius, the adventure of connection and partnership, and the creation of a community.

As you align your outer world to your inner world, your life takes on a quality of ease and grace. Align your practice, power pals and peeps with what you're wanting to bring into being and watch how magic occurs. The world rewards a master of alignment and that is who you become as you master the inner game.

Plus . . . I have mastered the nuts and bolts of how to partner. I've participated in more than 200+ joint ventures in the past seven years. There are proven ways to find the right joint venture partners for you and simple ways to create a connection that zings.


There’s nothing that will flip your abundance switch faster than having clients clamoring to work with you. And there is no better model to grow your business than to partner with others who serve the same Tribe. Joint Ventures are the fastest way for you to reach more of your perfect peeps.

Imagine what's possible for you, your message of change and your business if you could participate in at least one joint venture every month. Imagine how many more lives you'd impact. You would be able to:

  • Dramatically increase the quantity (and the quality!) of your list of raving fans!
  • Boost your monthly income simply by recommending JV partners you absolutely love!
  • Increase your credibility, authority and overall reach with ease!
  • Become a sought after speaker for podcasts, radio shows, telesummits, live events and more!

The most successful people on the planet have partnered to share their message, whether it was a business, a cause or a movement. Think Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. They did NOT do it alone! Think back to every awards ceremony you've seen. What's the first thing that comes out of the winner's mouth? Thank you! And it's a verrrry long list of thank you's. No one does it alone.


So . . . what positions me to train you on how to host Juicy Joint Ventures that grow your business, build your list and give you massive online visibility?

I grew my list from 200 to 17,000 subscribers, and my income skyrocketed to six-figures, with the power of joint ventures. Here are some of my joint venture experiences:

  • Hosted Eight Telesummits, Twelve 30-Day Events and more than 200+ expert interviews
  • Expert Speaker in numerous telesummits, radio shows, webinars, and interviews
  • Published and partnered on two Amazon Best Sellers, plus a Bonus Provider on multiple book launches, giveaways, and special projects

Ok, so I've been around the block a few times. That makes me a seasoned traveler. I love the adventure. I look forward to my JV chats, now that I know how to find folks that are a good match for me and my tribe. Partnering is fun, powerful and profitable.

Imagine having a strong network of colleagues whose work you admire and find extremely valuable. Since you're in frequent connection with folks who are playing in their brilliance you have easy access to the creative pulse in business. In time, you find that you have made friends and grown so much through your connections.

It will take you months, maybe even years, to create the massive visibility that one Juicy Joint Venture delivers. If you'd like to learn how you can do it too, I invite you to join the Juicy JV Jumpstart program!


The Juicy JV Jumpstart program is a 12-lesson Online Video Training. Every lesson comes with action steps to move you along the JV adventure. You'll have access to templates and worksheets that will keep you on track as you research and connect with your new partners.

Plus, you can post your questions on every lesson in the private members area and get personalized support. (There's even a Facebook Group for additional support and to connect with potential Juicy JV Partners!)

The training is broken down into 3 modules, which cover the 3 steps to Juicy Joint Ventures. These are detailed trainings on the 3 steps to master the art of joint ventures:

Module 1: Get Juicy JV Ready

Module 2: Find Juicy JV Partners

Module 3: Connect With Juicy JV Partners


Colin Tipping Radical Forgiveness

Adela exudes passion for her subject, and is very thorough, helpful and knowledgeable. A great coach and trainer. She inspires trust.

Flo Mauri Think Well Consulting

Adela is very upbeat and attentive to the group and responsive to questions. She is generous in delivering rich content: creative ways to use social media; how to find out who is joint venture ready; creating a Fan page; making all connections personal; repurposing the interview. She inspired me to explore all the possibilities of Facebook, which I've been resisting.

Gayle Hannen Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Adela is a marvel. She knows her stuff on the technology AND is very sensitive and intuitive about the process of growth. She is able to switch between the two with ease and grace making room for all who enter here. Best of all she is funny and light-hearted enjoying the play and process along the journey. I love the power of community and creative support you created, Adela. Thank you with all my heart.

Paula D'Andrea Re-Set Expert

I feel more knowledgeable, comfortable and confident to conduct my next interview! I have a clearer understanding of how to encapsulate, leverage, and offer my interviews. I walked away with over 30 tips, with examples, to guide me through Facebook. Adela has an astonishing skill set, which she shares readily & enthusiastically.

Vanessa Simpkins America's Sales Attraction Coach

Adela is an amazing coach/facilitator! Adela is the prefect combination of wise soul meets kick butt let's get it done coach, with a huge heart, very patient, inspiring and encouraging mentor. She has a special way of really instilling the inner confidence in you to just get your work out there in a bigger way! I gained the skills and confidence to host my own telesummit. Adela really knows her material and over delivers. The templates, emails, the how to do behind the scenes, which programs to use, and of course being able to bounce ideas off of her and make sure that I'm going in the right direction.

Camara Randolph Cross Chanel Market

Learn how to create powerful and profitable joint ventures from a true MASTER of profitable  partnerships. Adela is an awesome facilitator. Just the right mix of support and push. I found that I needed both.

Tal Shai Big Dream Guru

Adela is truly heart-centered, savvy and authentically generous. In today's high speed, low touch, online environment, her highly accessible and personal teaching style is a breath of fresh air. Loved her workshop and energy. It was great to connect, learn and grow with like hearted peeps.


The Juicy JV Jumpstart Online Training is designed to de-mystify the elements of juicy joint ventures in 12 weekly lessons. We cover the groundwork for how to be ready for joint venture partnerships, how to find and nurture joint ventures, as well as the different models and which ones are right for you right now! Check it out . . .

Juicy JV Jumpstart Online Training

The Juicy JV Jumpstart is perfect for visionaries who have a body of work and are ready to start sharing it BIG time! Here's what this Special Pre-Launch Package includes:

  • 12 Step-by-Step Video Trainings. I walk you through each step with short, powerful video trainings. (Take a look at the list of 12 training videos .) You’ll feel like you’re right here with me, as I guide you on how to become a confident joint venture partner and align with similar minded businesses. The video trainings are in byte-size bits because that's the easiest way to process the learning on the go. 
  • Virtual Training Day. This is an all day get it done experience. These all day intensives are a dynamic way to get into action. Plus, meet other folks who are on for Juicy JV's! This community is full of conscious entrepreneurs. You're sure to find some great JV partners here too. Next one is September 9!  (Value $200)
  • Private Facebook Group. Get your questions answered, find Juicy Joint Venture Partners and keep abreast of bonus trainings, webinars and partnership opportunities.
  • Powerpoint Slides. Re-visit the content from the training on your own. Print them out and take notes, as you re-listen to the trainings. 
  • 4 JV Model Process Maps. You'll get a step-by-step cheat sheet for a Giveaway, Guest Blog Post, Expert Interview, and Telesummit.
  • Lifetime access to the trainings. You can re-visit the trainings as often as you like and use it as just in time training.
  • Bonus #1: Virtual Training Day.  You'll get an additional bonus Virtual Training Day (at no cost) when I launch the product in the Fall.   (Value $200)
  • Bonus #2: Create Your Juicy JV Marketing Kit. In this bonus webinar I'll share my system for creating all of my marketing materials - solo email, newsletter promo and social media posts - from my Registration Page
  • Bonus #3:  Juicy JV Template Kit. Templates and worksheets to support you as you get ready to partner and find and connect with your partners.


I regularly invest in myself, just like you do. And you'll be thrilled to know this won't be a ridiculous investment. In fact, I think you’ll be amazed at how reasonable this program is.

You'll easily recoup your investment in just one joint venture. And if you take the message of partnership to heart you'll even generate tens of thousands of dollars in your business, just like I have. This investment can change the future of your business. 

This 12-Module Video Training + Virtual Training Day will be priced at $400 when it launches in the Fall. Why am I discounting it 50%? Because I'm adding new content and I'd also  love to add some new testimonials.

This SPECIAL OFFER expires on September 1st, 5pm ET. You get all the trainings, resources, templates, private Facebook community, and 2 Virtual Training Days with hands on help from Adela. It's a sweet deal! Join us!

Your business will grow at lightning speed with joint ventures. Ready to get started?

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