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How to Increase Your Impact, Influence and Income With Juicy Joint Ventures

Lesson 3: Be A JV Host or A JV Guest

Let's explore the two primary paths in Juicy Joint Ventures. You can either be a JV Guest or a JV Host, or both!

Training Summary

There are lots of joint venture strategies, however, they all fall under two main categories: either you are a Guest or a Host. There are complex and simple models. And ...there are different requirements, and benefits, with each path. Which strategy is best for you depends on where you are in your business and what your goals are for the joint venture.

Lesson Tasks

Action Step 1

Determine which JV path is best for you right now: JV Guest or JV Host.

Action Step 2

Ensure that you have all the elements in place for your preferred JV path.


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Joint Venture Partners That Sizzle

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Connect With Joint Venture Partners

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