Journaling: Mind Dump or Evolutionary Tool

Journaling is an ancient tradition and one of the most accessible tools to enhance your awareness and personal growth. It is a perfect vehicle for your primal drive of self awareness and self expression. This exploration of your inner world is a vital tool on your adventure of personal evolution.

Journaling is a sacred art that unveils the depths of your soul. A journal is a journey of inquiry and self-discovery. It is a recording and witnessing of your everyday moments  – your struggles, insights, instincts, observations, and a-ha’s. It is also an invocation of greater awareness and responsibility.

Writing is a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. The act of writing accesses your left brain, which is analytical and rational, leaving your right brain free to create, access intuition and feel more intensely. It is a gateway to ALL of you – the intuitive, the judge, the witness. It is also a mirror of the world of your thoughts and belief systems.

There is no separation between writing, life, and the mind.
Natalie Goldberg

Why Start Journal Writing?

Social psychiatrist, James Pennekbaker, led a research study that measured the impact of journal writing on physical well being. The study included students, senior citizens, prison inmates and unemployed individuals in varying degrees of health.

One group was asked to write about their deepest feelings for 20 minutes a day, four days in a row. The second group was asked to record data on superficial topics. They were monitored for several months. Those who recorded significant personal insights increased the efficiency of their immune systems and their liver enzymes. Students in this group achieved higher grades and the unemployed were likely to find a job in a shorter period of time.

Here's another ‘science sanctioned' benefit: Writing down your desires activates the Reticular Activating System (RAS). These are a group of cells that sort and evaluate incoming data. It sends the non-urgent to the subconscious and the urgent to the active part of your brain. By writing things down you are creating a filter that helps you become aware of certain things in your surroundings. The RAS awakens the brain to consciousness. It’s a wake-up call to your brain to partner with you in awareness. Journaling delivers powerful results!

There are so many benefits to starting a writing practice, here are just a few more:

  • Journaling is a vehicle to discover your own truth, trust your mind and body, and honor your experience.
  • Journaling creates personal intimacy, a private place for the larger questions, a venue to explore your world.
  • Journaling connects you to the abundance that is present everywhere in your world, it primes you to receive.
  • Journaling is a safe space to address your fears and feelings and identify and reveal recurring patterns and issues.
  • Journaling encourages you to take personal responsibility for yourself and it empowers you to make meaningful change.

Our task is to say a holy yes to the real things of our life as they exist – the real truth of who we are.
Natalie Goldberg

Journal writing helps you integrate the complexity of modern life. It helps you resolve trauma, remember significant events and turning points, captures your creative stories, poems, and ideas. It helps you discover and define your values and purpose, reap the wisdom of your dreams and discover what is sacred in your life.

Writing connects you to the present moment, the infinite now alive with pulsating energy. Acknowledging your experiences increases compassion and clarity. It is this acceptance and embracing of the ever-evolving you that is the most precious gift of a writing practice. Journaling is a simple pathway to creativity, co-creation, and consciousness. For everything to be right, all you have to do is write, just write.

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Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 20+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

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