Dec 26 thru Jan 3

Ready to Capture, Clarify, and Activate Your Vision? 

No doubt you've planned for your life to some degree. You probably have goals and objectives, personal and professional. How close are you to making it real?

Goals and plans are important but a vision is rocket fuel for your dreams. 

I won't go into all the science of how it works - the Reticular Activating System is involved - a vision board will help you bring your vision to life..

I'm ready to guide you through the process . Our 7 Adventure will help you ...

  • Tap into your deepest desires
  • Capture the vision that's calling you
  • Clarify how you'll embody it
  • Craft a map to take you there

Ready to Create Your 2020 Vision?!

This 7-Day adventure includes weekday guided visualizations on a brief live call (daily replay available), writing exercises, and creating a lean vision board to activate your vision. 

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