10-Day Event Launches in :


The Gathering: How Small Circles Bring Your Bigger Vision to Life!

Jun 15 - Jun 24

What it's about . . .

Community and small circles have been the rocket fuel that have powered up the transformation in my world for decades. Whether it was an Al-Anon Group,  Reiki Circle, a Crossfit Gym, or a Writing Circle, small circles have tremendous power to boost your vision because you're working with aligned energy in a creatively conscious playground.

How the event works . . .

The primary objective for this event is to share how small circles and community can fuel your bigger vision AND to provide tools and experiences for people to know this for themselves.

Our collaboration is in a 10-day format. I'll share conversations that explore the benefits of growing your own small inner circle. These 30-minute chats will explore how partners have benefitted from circles and share a tool or process that was indispensable. 

You can do your interview live (Jun 14 - Jun 24) or pre-recorded.

As part of our experiential platform I will also host three writing circles. Each circle will consist of 3 writing prompts and begin with a guided visualization or connection practice. You are welcome to also participate in leading a writing prompt. Let me know on the invite below.

This is a free event. There are no upsells. At the end of our call I'll invite you to share a related resource on your website. You are certainly free to add an upsell in your own email sequence.

I will add this event to my event library. At last count, I've hosted 31 events. 

Ready to Play Together? If so, here's what's next:


Fill Out the Invite

Fill out the Partner Invite and schedule a chat with Adela. 

On our chat we’ll explore the content for your Interview. While I have a format I like to be open to our creative flow.


Schedule Short Interview

We’ll then set a date for the 30-minute interview. The interview can include: (1)  your story around circles and community and the insights garnered, and (2) a process or experience.  


Promote the Event

ALL promotional material will be provided. You’ll receive a solo email and social media posts. A solo email at the start and another before the end are ideal.
Social media support throughout the event is appreciated.

Partner Invite

Host: Adela Rubio 

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 25+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits. 

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