July 19


It's All in the Risk

By Adela Rubio

July 19, 2008

Do you think the people who were trying to reach to the Everest were not full of doubts? For a hundred years, how many people tried and  how many people lost their lives? Do you know how many people never came back?

But, still, people come from all over the world, risking, knowing they may  never return. For them it is worth it – because in the very risk something is  born inside of them: the center. It is born only in the risk. That's the beauty of risk, the gift of risk. Osho

Taking risks IS venturing into the realm of possibility. This vibrant potential that beckons to you is alive with movement.

In this dance you step out of the familiar and launch yourself into emptiness, not-knowingness. It is here where the adventure transforms the very core of your being.

Opening fully, you roar from the center of your core. Now life spills from every fiber of you, saturating everything everywhere.

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