March 19


It Works If You Work It

I'm feeling really good about my commitment to journal writing every day. It solidifies my stand to follow through on what I choose. That's my part in the dance with Life, to say, “Yes!” by taking action.

The one-two punch of meditation and daily brain dump known as journal writing is sure to open and empty me in all the right places. The corresponding coordinates in my cosmic chemistry respond to my ready touch. This is good.

Today's musing is on how a regular practice inevitably results in divine downloads.


I'm riveted to the rearrangement of my reality. It takes mind and heart dedication, to unhook from the well worn grooves of yesterday. I now understand God's primary commandment (I can't believe I'm going into God country!) to love him above all things.

I'll digress for a moment to explain that my problem is with the word God and all the alternate realities ascribed to it. I know there is a greater force at play. I don't always call it God because the word carries a heavy charge for me. It's been used for dark purposes for a very long time. I know it also carries light, how could it not. It is man's attempt to capture the knowing of this force and project it into something we can all relate to it.

I think that is part of the problem that we're in right now. We have forgotten that we came up with this concept long ago. It no longer works for the majority of the planet (look only to all the holy wars to strip yourself of the illusion). Many cultures, throughout time, have bypassed the intermediary for direct connection to the Source of everything. I'm not trying to get new agey or anything. It's that I don't feel there's a word that captures the energy of it that has not been distorted. Today I call it Life, Source, Force, Universe. The words come and go. The experience does not.

Back to musing …

What if this question, “Is God Real?” or “What is God” or whatever other ideas you have on God is but a mere distraction from the precious prize of personal experience. What if we're way past time abdicating our power and right to commune with our Creator? What if that's how we can best know the divine dance at play?

It Pays To Follow Through

A mere three weeks into a steady meditation and journal writing (musing) practice and the lightbulbs are going off everywhere. The divine downloads are happening outside of my practice time too. I'm getting them everywhere: when I'm driving, taking a shower, working out.

I always keep my phone handy so I can record any insights in the moment. It's important to capture the cosmic answers to inner musing.

Here's to divine downloads and opening to yours!

Light Up!

Image: The Goddess, Ahmigad


Morning Musing

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