December 24


Is It Christmas (Or Something More)?

By Adela Rubio

December 24, 2016

Holiday Message

Before you dive into my morning muse, know that I'm an introspective kind of gal. I ponder a lot. I give deep thought to things that matter to me. I care about the quality of my moment to moment experience. Time is precious. I'm not planning on wasting any more of it.

In today's post, I explore some thoughts on Christmas and it's deeper meaning. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy the blessings of this season. May you and yours bask in the beauty of the light and share with all you touch! I'm grateful to have you in my circle.

It's Christmas Eve, and while the world is aswirl with the outward activities of this season – preparations for family gatherings, gifting, and feasting-  I'm gathering within, feeling the movement of deep inner tides.

I can't seem to shake the sense that things are still changing radically. Respite is not part of the plan, relentlessness is more the character of the quest. If you've got a heightened sense of awareness these times are exquisitely interesting. Energy is at a premium during these times, many things come up for examination and release during periods of intense shifts.

Holidays – which are energy thought forms held collectively by millions of people's beliefs and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years of practice  – are especially ripe for review.

Christmas – the commercial holiday, the sacred holy day – is one of these collectively held beliefs. In the shape of what passes for the holiday among folks I know, it doesn't ring true for me. I can't participate. At one time, for the sake of family or friends, I could partake of meaningless traditions. Not anymore.

Here's what I've learned: when old customs fail to fulfill, perhaps it's time to create new ones.

Today I resonate with the idea of this season. Winter Solstice, Christmas, Yule, Hannukah, all point to a greater truth: we can arise to the light within. It is our evolutionary pathway. It is the path of promise and possibility.

(It doesn't mean that we don't flourish in the dark, we do. It's just a different kind of growth. It's not so visible but it is the roots that keep us grounded enough for the light to elevate us into more of who we are at our essence.)

This season represents the inner light become physical, in the world of time and space. The possibility that an idea can be experienced and made real. Whether you believe in the history of these traditions, their stories point to a truth that abides in us all. We are evolutionary beings, born of light, to create in exquisitely abundant ways!

I used to get wrapped up in the frenzy of the holidays until I ran into this alchemical experience called The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Their 8-month training, with an 8-month immersion program and an epic trip to India, changed my life. It was an in-person program, meeting on weekends. I know the programs have changed, they're virtual now. This experience turned my life upside down, turned it all around. In a good way, though it required a concerted effort on my part.

It was post-911. It was an interesting time to be in New York. New Yorkers navigate change with gusto! There were groups and gatherings everywhere you went. People were helping people. Love was literally in the air, along with fear too.

I had dropped into this oasis of people just like me  – fringe, strange ranger, lone ranger types who ate organic food, meditated and were intent on changing themselves and the world. It was wild how many of US I found.

The school had us explore many sacred cows, among them Christmas gifts.  It was a radical idea for me at the time. I actually signed a contract that freed me from the pressure to buy the perfect gifts for friends and family and shortly thereafter announced to everyone I was opting out of Christmas (and why). Everyone was shocked but readily adapted, as I'm known for being 100% on when I'm invested in what I believe.

Today, I do give gifts but I'm not compelled by the drive to satisfy outside norms that tell me I have to do it like this or like that. I have found a way to honor the energy of the season in a way that fits me like a glove. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

May the light of this season find its home in your heart. May you share it with those you encounter on the adventure.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Nice to find other like minded people. I don't feel I resonated with the commercialism of Christmas from a young age. The gifts i received at Christmas were always very meaningful. My mother made my sister and I a Clowny Doll we could dress one year and made clothes for our Terri Lee dolls the next. My parents could not afford to get me a new bike so my father bought a used one. Together we took it apart and for Christmas, he paid to have the frame and fenders and handle bars all painted to look like new! It was usually one gift. I also wrote a Thank You note for every gift I received.

    Once in Iowa, over 40 years ago, we mailed 27 packages at UPS containing homemade pumpkin bread and candy, jam, bread dough art ornaments and so on. Still today, I make my bread and real Maple nuts for the Trash Pick Up Person, the UPS delivery person, FedEx, Post Office workers “in appreciation and gratitude” for their service each year, and especially this year!

    Me, I spend time going within during this time sending loving energy to all of Creation. I usually more celebrate Winter Solstice in some way. This year I stayed up to when it began, just after 2 AM my time, and watched the sunrise at Stonge Henge with beautiful music and read more about the many different celebrations around the world at this time of year. Our children and grandchildren make lists of things they really would love having, so we never give unwanted junk gifts. My son only gives me something out of the blue once in a while and that is a lot more fun!

    The commercialism has always turned me off. Also things like a high percentage of fathers, always getting ties and socks year after year simply because no one notices what he might really like. Giving just to give “something” has never fit me.

    I intentionally put “a lot of love” into whatever I create, as was demonstrated for the over 3 decades I used to make fresh Almond Roca. I shared the recipe with anyone, however, they complained it never tasted like mine. I told them, they probably never stood there stirring constantly for 45 minutes, (so the butter does not burn) saying “ love, love, love, love, I love you, love love love…. And putting that energy into the candy! I tell them that truly IS… the Magic Ingredient! I don’t think they believe me!

    Thanks Adela for sharing. I feel more and more people are getting to this place where Gratitude is what it more about… and sharing that in whatever way… works for you.

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