March 13


If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me

I spent hours on Facebook this morning: reading articles, watching videos, posting and commenting on my stream. No guilt on my part. One of the ways that I access my muse is by connecting with my circle of friends and community. It's this connection to my greater circle that inspires and moves me and plucks the strings of my creativity.

I don't normally watch the news.  This morning a number of my friends had posted videos and articles on the current presidential primary candidates. I took some time to check them out and was dismayed at what I experienced. Nonetheless, I know all this frenzy and unrest is a cauldron of possibilities. It got me thinking on how so many are invested on the right candidate getting the nomination for each party. I don't think that's what's going on at all.

I don't usually share any political opinions, and this certainly isn't that. That's not my playground. Today's musing is on how personal responsibility is the way to changing the world at large. You change the world by changing you, darlings. It's a grass roots movement.

Morning Musing

My connections are mostly of the conscious kind. How jarring – after watching some posts and videos on the primary elections and candidates – to see the reflection of this country's mass unconsciousness.

It reminds me of my own unconsciousness. I have it, we all do. There are areas of my world, places in my life, where I am still asleep. The eruption of a crisis or a problem reminds me of my human tendency to avoid these areas until I'm forced to deal with them. I'm not immune to postponing the inevitable. I rally to the call sooner rather than later these days. Some days I'm weary from the work. Some days I need to rest a bit more. There's always tomorrow with it's own set of challenges.

Today I'm reflecting on the power of personal responsibility. Since early on I was taught to take care of myself and to contribute to my household. I remember my chores as cleaning the table and sweeping the floors, as early as five years old. The responsibilities increased as I grew older. I remember that being a burden was something that could be avoided simply by taking care of yourself.

Who wants to be a burden? That's not something I'd ever willingly choose. These past few years I've teetered between feeling like a burden and allowing myself to receive (more than I have my entire life). It's been challenging. I haven't always been successful in not feeling like I've overstayed my welcome. Still, so much feels in flux and uncertain. I'm getting better at living in this constantly shifting playground.

As I circle round to the political climate and the hopes and fears of those of us living in the US, I wonder how different things would be if we all took personal responsibility. What if we took personal responsibility for our fears and shifted them? What if we took personal responsibility for our hopes and took the steps to make them a reality? That might mean you actually campaign for a candidate, vote for them or took charge in your own community to contribute to the solution of something you care about deeply (instead of complaining of the problem and how politicians don't fix it).

Even beyond the current state of the US presidential elections, whatever is not well in your world is a call for you to do something about it! When you feel strongly about an outcome it's pointing to something you care about. Let's face it… if you care deeply, you're bound to get angry if you can't find a way to be a part of the shift you long for.

One thing I know, no politician or election results will change the things that must change within me. I must do that. No one else is responsible. No one else is to blame. The burden is all mine. And I can do something about that!

If ever there was a wake up call to be the voice of light and reason, it is now. If ever there was a time to take responsibility for the world we create every day with our choices and actions, it is now. Wherever there is discontent in your life, wake up to it. Do something about it.

“If it's to be, it's up to me.”

Imagine the world we'd create if each one of us tended our own garden? The solution isn't out there, with any particular political party or politician. It's in here. Each one of us gets to create the world, as we create our own. We do it every day. Today, determine which world you choose to create: one of hope or one of fear.

See you on the adventure,


Image: Colossus, Jeronimo Sanz


Morning Musing

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