January 8


How to Tap Into the Energy of Emotions

By Adela Rubio

January 8, 2010

Energy Shifts I, Master Your Emotions

Emotions are energetic messengers.

If you imagine energy,  as information existing on a continuum, at the quantum level emotions are encapsulated potential. They are the energy of ‘something' wanting to come into being through you.

Since this impulse of intelligence wants to come into physical creation, it captures your attention wholeheartedly. Emotions, if nothing else, engage every aspect of your being, a divine strategy that ensures you have the appropriate fuel to manifest possibility.

Pick an example from your own life, preferably something that is activated in you at this moment.Notice your initial impression of emotion. Most likely it will be connected to a story. “I'm feeling ‘x' because ‘y' did ‘z'.” Or, my most favorite version, “I am feeling ‘x' because ‘y' isn't ‘z.' Get my drift?

Now, take a deep belly breath, the kind of breath that engages your body and your being. There's a fullness and an expansion present, so much so, that your energy spills through your skin and ripples into the room and  into infinity. Notice how your perspective has changed. Travel the continuum of light, which is also information vibing at an extremely high frequency, and notice the potential of this emotion from this vantage point. Different, yes?

Remember that you always have the option to travel the continuum of energy, dive past the surface appearance, explore the profound potential and ripple potential into creation.

Here's the other thing about emotions which is really crucial on the collective adventure: Emotions are viral. That's right, you can catch them. Whether it's Dr. Emoto's exploration of charging water with the energy of positive words or Mother's Theresa compassionate presence, your emotions are powerful purifiers of energy that ripple reality into resonance.

So . . . are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Choose.

Image: Internal tension, FeriAnimations

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  1. Angela, your poem on anger speaks of power to me , of being at command at cause… beautiful…. thank you. Rather than judging our anger or being at shame or feeling wrong there’s a feeling of rising up and riding the dragon into battle and winning. And JOhn I enjoyed yours so. It spoke to me of celebration, play, enthusiasm… fun energy!!! Wheee!!!!!! Thank you 🙂

  2. Today’s “Energy Shift Session” provided joy, insight and inspiration for me. BE HAPPY NOW:

    Remember that your energy flows where your attention goes.

    May your energy expand with every breathe you take.

    May you relax and enjoy the brilliance of each day in your own unique way.

    May you create your own masterpiece by harnessing & releasing your emotions.

    May your potential be infinite and expand with curiosity and the willingness to just be you.

    It’s all about our energy. YOU make a difference! WE make a difference! Together we rock!

    Just say YES! Say YES to Love! Say YES to Peace! Say YES to everything Life has to offer!

    BE HAPPY (Today & Every Day)!

  3. today reminded me of ‘me’. i have so many emotions that i write. some completed, many known and more to do.


    anger can be good
    it can fuel action
    it doesn’t just need to
    jump start reaction

    anger can be strong
    it can remind me…
    it can get my attention
    it can lead to change

    something less powerful
    than anger can get lost
    in the shuffle
    emotions run rampant
    directions get lost

    anger is okay
    it can tower over injustice
    it can give me strength
    and it can diminish when
    its task is done

    and when that task is done
    I can remember I’ve won


    1. Angela,
      Powerful piece on anger. Thank you.

      Much of what I’ve accomplished in life has been as a result of my response to eruptive anger which I turned into productive action – I just went to my Writing for Healing blog and see I tagged 4 posts on Anger –

      One includes the letter-to-the-editor writing during a school board campaign and a subsequent collage response to an art professor who told me my work lacked emotion. See http://tinyurl.com/angercollage Immediately I thought of my emotional letter to the editor and went home with an “I’ll show you…” attitude and created the “fiery” collage, which I show in the post. Years later, I realized that my fire was in the words. The collage turned out to be simply an illustration of them.

      My “Ode to a Piece of Cardboard” was written at every red light on my way to graduate school after the principal of the school where I taught art told me, on my way out for the day, a bomb could go off in my closet and no one would be any the worse for it. The Ode actually turned into an expression of my philosophy of my being in life. – http://tinyurl.com/ode-to-cardboard . Written in 1977, it still stands.

      Unfortunately, the anger that I felt so much of the time at what Parkinson’s Disease was doing to my husband was not used so constructively; though I did write later “Haiku for Healing”. Writing Haiku was a way I was able to gain some control over my expressed rage during that time. In see that I preface my blog post on that with the following quote of which I was not aware at the time and would be great to remember:

      “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Carl W. Buechner

      I was blessed that my beloved was understanding of what I was experiencing also and beyond the moment of my words, he chose to remember all the times I made him feel good.

      And, as the tears come, I’ll close. Thanks, Angela for this opportunity to revisit myself and share.

  4. Continuum and colors connect–started conscious energy painting yesterday and colors so far that called to me were white, pink and lilac and how they connect. Today you talked about colors of the sky and there we all were captured in a 4×6 canvas flatboard covered w/ paint.

    Sensing the need for shift today led me to connect on Web rather than telephone. Lovely.

  5. Julie,

    Thanks, darling. Have I appropriately expressed my immense gratitude in your awakening my writing voice? I adore you and your open-hearted, hyper-creational being. In being you, you have opened an unimaginable landscape of being for me. My heart flows with infinite gratitude and love for you in ALL ways.

    For my readers . . . Julie is a masterful coach that will awaken your creative muse not only in your writing and coaching, but in ALL of your life. Check out her blog – http://passionatelycreating.blogspot.com/. She is a unending treasure.

  6. I agree Julie, a grand message indeed! Just this morning I was sharing something similar with our Elderfriend. Talk about being in sync! I love it! Keeps me on my toes lol

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