March 16


How to Set Your Own Frequency (And Not Get Sucked Into Someone Else’s Reality)

I've always been able to feel more than most people around me. Some folks call this being empathic, some call it being highly sensitive. I like to say that I'm highly aware. I sense more than your average person. It's really a neat trick to know so much without any words. It's DC, direct current.

Everyone has this capacity to know for yourself. It's a matter of taking responsibility for your finely tuned equipment. Some of us have a natural inclination to be this way. Everyone can enhance their ability to feel, sense and know.

I'm attuned to the way things feel. It's a kinethestic sense, even though the language may appear energetic. Sensing is as real as seeing, feeling, touching, tasting and hearing. Sensing refers to the ability to gather information energetically.

Here's why this is very helpful during change times:

Sometimes your energy gets pulled down and you think it's about you. Not always. It can also be that you're so tuned into the energy of people and places that you've picked up on some stuff that's not yours.

Today's morning musing is about living in your frequency and not getting sucked into someone else's reality (cause you feel so much).

Morning Musing

I had what passes for conversation with my friend: complaining and criticizing, commanding and controlling. Wondering why I would ever choose this in my saner moments. I see why this never works. We live in two different worlds, and we can barely spend time in each other's.

I know. I'm being a judgmental ass. I also know this is how it is. I'm grateful for my friend's support and concern. I know it's sincere and from the heart.

I'm startled to find myself here again. Sometimes it feels like the last 30 years have been all about figuring this out. This time it's different. I know I've come to this same conclusion before. This time I see how it is, what it is. It is the way it is. This time I disentangle just a bit more.

My ability to respond – and not blow the f**k up – is one indicator that things have shifted for me. I still feel the old expectations popping up like a Jack-in-the-Box, as if I've forgotten who I used to be. No reminders needed.

I choose again. I reach more readily to the deeper forces at play. I find peace in the jagged edges of my reality. The edge actually disappears at times, a tenuous co-existence with what is.

Am I the only one that plays with the palette of a different world? I don't think so. I'm careful not to clasp too tightly to the verification of my visions. Maybe it's a mass hypnosis. Maybe it's what's true.

Nonetheless, I feel this connective weave, like the fascia of my muscle. This flexible fiber strengthens, yet has give. No doubt it's a matter of focus and frequency, the repetitive kind. When you train, you get results. Like a peak performance athlete, I'm ready to play.

Choose to Feel, Sense and Know

Lately, I've been moving through a sloppy soup of varying vibrations. Whether it's smooth, sticky or slick, I sift and shift. I'm honing my skills.  It helps in the discernment of what's yours and what's not. Then you can choose to frequent frequencies that support your movement.

One of the things that can keep you stuck is the inability to distinguish your own energy from another's. This takes practice, practice, practice. There are certain things that will hamper your ability to feel, sense and know. One of them is noise, external as well as internal.

I've noticed how lately I have little tolerance for noise. It also makes me aware of how much noise there is in my current environment. There's the usual city noise – trucks, cars beeping, kids playing, people talking, airplanes and more. There's SO much of it.

Then there's the inner noise, the incessant inner chatter. Is it yours? Make sure. The only way that I can do this is through conscious focus and attention. You can experience it also in meditation and mindfulness. These are practices that are in my everyday toolbox.

When I tire from trying to hear myself here are three things I do: (1) I slow down my breathing, (2) I close my eyes, and (3) I notice everything as if I were watching a movie. Just notice the come and go. Sink deeper into the sensations in your body. Feel the lightness of your being as it expands. This mini-practice is enough to bring you to the present moment. In this moment, what's true arises.

There is no way that you'll be confused about what's yours and what's not from this deeper frequency. That's the best way I know to set your own frequency and not get sucked into another's.

Enjoy the energy!


Image: The Light of Transformation, Alice Popkorn


Morning Musing

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