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How to Navigate the BIG Shifts with Power and Grace

On Friday, February 8, 2013, at 9 am, I experienced a life-changing event.

It's not the first time life had tossed me a curveball. In my circles, that's known as a growth opportunity. Besides, learning is one of my life long fascinations. Growth is good, right?

However, massive change doesn't ordinarily feel good. Even when there's a certain excitement as you feel the pulse of ‘something's brewing,' even if it skews your world.

As I reflect on my story, I notice that these BIG shifts experiences create quantum leaps.

BIG Shift. BIG Leap.

What's a BIG Shift?

A BIG shift is one of Life's defining moments. It's when you suddenly know that life – as you knew it – no longer works.

Try as you might that feeling of uncertainty and feeling like you're in an alternate universe does not disappear.

BIG shifts are a rift in your consciousness that cannot be ignored. On the contrary, they call for a new way of seeing and being.

BIG shifts are an invitation to evolve.

What's Essential?

My most recent event was an electrical fire in my home, and though my physical well being has long since been seen to, it is the breakdown of the scaffolding of my life which has created the most opportunity.

As I was picking through the remnants of my home one question resoundingly rang through my brain: What's essential?

At first, it was things like cash, clothes, computer, and credit cards. Probably in that order. As the survival instinct kicked in, I looked to salvage as much of my stuff as possible.

Images of Humpty Dumpty danced through my inner vision. The great fall had occurred, and there was no way to put the pieces back together. My old life was gone. In fact, the pathway was obliterated.

As the days turned to weeks, the phoenix experience came to life. Rifts occurred between family members, and things that I had patiently tucked away to deal with at another time could no longer be denied. The breakdown was inevitable.

My efforts to resolve family stuff didn't really work. So I bring my attention to where my power is in full flow: within me. It is the perfect focus.

There are portions of the evolutionary adventure that are yours alone to walk. That breadth and depth give way to your authentic power. Your own ability to feel, sense, and know for yourself.

How to Navigate Change with Ease and Grace

Life is always on offer. What at first might seem like a tragedy is actually a tremendous opportunity. When you're comfortable and things are going swell it can be quite natural to settle into complacency. Things are good, why rock the boat?

Here's the thing… if your intention is to be a co-creative force in this cosmic adventure Life always has your back. If you happen to fall asleep on the job no worries, Life will create an opportunity for you to wake up and soar.

This requires epic trust on your part. It's an invitation to rest in the arms of a loving Universe. And in that trust a willingness to surrender what you know for what is possible.

My path of personal evolution has given me the experience that what I share with you here is true. It's for you to notice if this perspective can serve you in your world. Consider this…

What if your life-changing event were a purposeful pathway
to unleash your innate brilliance, beauty, and power?

If you are experiencing a BIG Shift, I invite you to join my Facebook online community. You'll be amazed at what occurs when you partner with a high vibing community on an aligned intention.


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  1. Hi Adela

    I’m just on my way to give a seminar on “How to find the Gifts in Crisis and Transition” here in Nelson, NZ and deeply resonate with all you’ve said here. I particularly like: “That breadth and depth gives way to your authentic power.”

    The Universe is so generous with opportunities for us to wake up, step up, make conscious choices and become more of who we truly are. I’m hoping the timing of your 21 day adventure into Power and Grace will enable me to join in.

    Much Love

    1. Ah, my lovely Rose, I so treasure hearing your voice and being in that syncopated synchrony that is our connection. No surprise that we’re in the same playground. I’ve always relished you as a kindred spirit and a master teacher. Bon voyage, my friend!

      1. Thank you so much Adela, you know I feel our kindredness too.

        I’m in the process of completing a life chapter that began with the landslide in December 2011 and so really digging into what these big shifts are about. I love your choice of the words Power and Grace. Seems to me that when we take our power and consciously choose to use seeming catastrophe as an opportunity we are met by Grace and then flow gracefully with life rather than fighting against it. I’m really fired up by all of this!

  2. Oh sweet, beautiful Adela. Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom about your recent adventure. I so appreciated this comment:

    “This requires epic trust on your part. It’s an invitation to rest in the arms of a loving Universe. And in that trust a willingness to surrender what you know for what is possible.”

    It reminded me to let go and ride the wave of acceptance and find the highest alignment with myself, inviting opportunity and miracles, rather than wanting “to know” or try and create an outcome during surprising changes and events. The ride of this Mercury retrograde has been one of the most intense rides yet. I decided to face it with a sense of adventure and say “Giddy up! Let’s go and see what’s possible!” instead of my initial reaction of “How am I going to survive this until July 20th?! Your musings are spurring me on! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Great to hear from you, Kathleen! Glad to know my musings resonate. You are not alone on this adventure. There are many of us going thru BIG Shifts. Let’s dance to the music that unfolds. 🙂

  3. Boy did you touch a nerve. When I was still living on Kauai and my world was totally shaken up, I questioned everything. I felt like I was in a dark hole and questioned whether I’d ever come up for air.

    I’m not a big one for change, but change is what I needed. I moved back to Boulder. When people asked “how could you leave paradise?” it pushed my buttons until I finally decided “paradise is wherever you are happy.”

    I’m still shifting, but it no longer feels like I’m in that “dark hole.”


    1. These BIG Shifts have their own timing and flow. I’ve noticed that it’s taking me a lot longer to do things. Some days very little gets ‘accomplished.’ I’ve learned to let go and laugh at times like these. May your movement be graceful, Debra.

  4. Ah, Krista, you are a mirror of my true self. Ha ha ha! Yes, girl, we are on a ride. So happy to see you here. Life ebbs and flows and those who play with the pulse always connect in perfect timing. Thanks, darling. Love to you in ALL ways.

  5. Adela,
    I love the epic shifts your spirit entrusts. You hold such power in your words, in your actions. Your spirit is dynamite, and explodes with vitality. I love what you said, which for me is both:

    “…if your intention is to be a co-creative force in this cosmic adventure Life always has your back. If you happen to fall asleep on the job no worries, Life will create an opportunity for you to wake up and soar.”

    Yes to co-creation, and yes to the epic adventure of forgiving ourselves for too much growth or not enough, and letting life unfold us one leaf or pedal at a time.

    Much love to you! Miss you much more.

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