March 7


How to Move in the Mystery

By Adela Rubio

March 7, 2016

Morning Musing

My morning musings tend to be pretty intimate. I'm letting you in on how I speak to myself. I'm sharing the thoughts that play out in my head. Sometimes I think it's risky behavior. After all, you might not like what I let you in on. It's not always pretty.

I'm sure it's less dangerous today to risk revealing, for someone like me. Even though I'm not wealthy, I feel pretty privileged. I've been speaking my mind for a number of years now. I know I've got it pretty good.

Not so for many, many others on the planet. There are many places throughout the world where people still suffer and die for speaking their truth.

I'm grateful that I'm of this place and of this time. I consider my voice to be one of many. When I'm willing to share about the things that matter most, in a way that's loving and well intentioned, only good comes from it.
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Morning Musing

One foot in front of the other. Step by step. Eyes wide open. In stride, moving, like a seasoned player. I know when to duck or dart. This playground I know. I'm steady, approaching. I can sense myself, the come and go. I still into my surroundings. I trust the feel of me, the feel of everything I sense and know. I know. That's all I know, what I know.

There's a strong pulsation bringing me to ground. It's physical, sensual even. It's alluring, captivating. This feels like dancing anew, a different style. I dance: mambo, tango, freestyle. It's like breathing. Music moves within, without. Even when it's new, it's not.

The terrain of rhythm tethers me to a new pattern, a permutation. My body acclimates to a new pulsation. It moves in time to the calculations of the cosmos. Moving in, moving out. Anewing, renewing.

Today I'm musing on how to move through the mystery of my life. I encounter challenges, just like everyone else, but I have the wherewithal to move through them. I know this playground. I'm wired for it. I can create a life that reflects my visions. I am willing to craft a life that models what I believe.

There are days that I fall short. There are days that are excruciatingly abundant. Sometimes I don't know how I stretch to feel SO much joy. The adventure is sometimes bittersweet. I am happy to be here. How about you?

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