October 7


How to Make the Most of the 30-Day BIG Shifts Adventure

By Adela Rubio

October 7, 2014

Adventure-Beautiful-Blue-Cave-On any adventure it's always a great idea to plan for the best outcome. Here are some suggestions for how to explore the next 30 days.

1. Spend more time noticing. Take bliss breaks throughout your day and notice your breath, notice your body, notice how you feel, notice your environment, notice others, notice what you don't notice. Make it a game. Imagine you’re on a real adventure, in a new land, and curiously notice everything.

2. Record your experiences. Buy a journal, record your insights on your phone, do a video journal. Capture your thoughts, feelings and experiences during our time together. Writing is one of the ways in which we capture our experiences and recognize the opportunities to shift. In this way, you can craft experiences that are more aligned with your intentions.

3. Connect and Share. Don’t do it alone. Wednesdays is the day for LIVE interaction. In the morning, at 9am ET are Energy Shift Calls, my version of a process that is simple yet transformative. There is also the G+Community to be in the transformation conversation and get feedback and support. Or you can share on this blog! It's important to tell your story and listen to others'.

4. Be In Your Body.  Every day move in ways that bring you joy, that might look like a mini-walk or a dance break. It could also be 5-10 minutes of sitting eyes closed and noticing your in breath and out breath. Take action where there is flow, otherwise enjoy the inner movement.

I guarantee that you'll be amazed at what occurs in your world when you choose to engage the possibility at your doorstep and the everyday adventure that awaits.

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