March 13


How to Listen (When There Are SO Many Voices)

By Adela Rubio

March 13, 2022

Begin Again

How to listen is an essential skill when you are on the Begin Again adventure. The landscape is the unknown. Your skill in navigating this kind of playground is key if you're intent on creating a purposeful pathway.

No matter where change has hit your life, transformation is best when you are fully equipped. Thankfully, you are. Some practices and frameworks can support you on the adventure. Listening is one of those jewels.

Let's explore a more intentional listening practice and how it can help you decipher what's true. All the voices have a contribution (but it might not be what you think).

Weekly Practice

Here's the skinny, for those not video-inclined (I'm one of those) …

Practice listening from a deeper level of your being. Shift from passive to active, engaging fully and communing with what is in your field of awareness. Whether you are on a zoom call or making lunch, tune into the ongoing conversation occurring all around you. Notice the tendency to judge/compare, etc. Let it go! Get curious. Be light with the exploration.

Try this practice out when you have 5 minutes alone. Notice the voices playing out in your head. What are they saying? (No judgment, like a reporter taking notes.) What they are pointing to? What is the gem that is here for you?

I'd love to hear what you notice! Leave me a comment below.

Photo by Andrew Haimerl (ANDREWNEF) on Unsplash

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