November 22


How to Invoke the Sacredness of Gratitude in Everyday Moments

By Adela Rubio

November 22, 2012

The Gratitude Project

What if each moment were an invitation to honor the sacred in your world? What if you explored the surface suppleness of your everyday assumptions and surrendered what's ‘right' to what's possible? What if your thoughts, words and actions were seeds of the sacred? How would your garden grow?

I am reminded of the namaste salutation – palms together over the heart center, delivered with a slight bow –  reflecting the intent that the divine spark which resides in my heart, honors the divine spark within your heart.

Imagine your world if you lived from this place of rich reverence, conscious communion and powerful presence. You'd have time to relish your relationships, bask in your blessings, and weave the wonder in your work.

What if this deep reflection delivered unlimited understanding and every problem encountered was met with unyielding trust in it's inevitable resolution? What a magical world that would be, could be… and it's yours for the asking.

Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred. Hafiz

Notice those moments when your certainty has been greater than your doubt, when wonder has far surpassed your worry and where love has leveraged your loss.

Here are 3 simple ways to transcend the mundane act of giving or receiving, and elevate gratitude to a sacred service:

1. Sacred Thank You. Next time you say ‘thank you' gaze into your receiver's eyes and feel the energy of appreciation spill from your heart, and touch your lips. Notice as it moves into the rest of your body, you might want to upgrade to a hug. A hug is one of life's most healing gestures, while affirming our sacred connection.

2. Sacred Greeting. When you greet someone, bring your awareness to your heart center and their heart center. Allow your attention to linger in this heart connection, notice how you feel and what you know. Bring that lightness and loveness to your interactions. As you honor the sacredness in another, it lands more fully in your experience. You are no longer tossed about by external forces, but are powered by the true source of your life giving Essence. Essence to Essence we are one.

3. Sacred Being. As you move about your day bring your gratitude grace with you: feel it when you eat, as your feet touch the ground, as you breathe, wash the dishes, answer your phone. Notice how often you can invoke these intentional moments, and how it impacts your day. Especially try this if you're going to be in a challenging environment. This simple awareness checkin will evoke a state of presence and power and will create a choice point, instead of reacting to outer circumstances. It will shift everything.

Gratitude is the language of infinite grace. Express your appreciation to everything and everyone you encounter. There’s no easier way to access your heart  than to open to the power of gratitude.

Being more grateful not only gives you access to feelings of abundance and possibility but they instantly shift your reality. As you bless you are blessed.

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  1. B E A U T I F U L

    Gratitude Grace vibrations rippling from deep within…
    Dancing though out the Cosmos with giggles and smiles…
    How Simple
    How Easy
    Newfound JOY
    T H A N K Y O U!!

  2. The Smile Rising
    From Within
    As each day
    Pulses full tilt
    Comfort of Skin
    Triumph of Achievement
    Life’s Zest
    Alivened by Cherished Treasures
    Inner Hallelujah
    Sings your Soul
    As no thing goes unobserved
    The tiniest of Gifts
    Bringing Greatest Wealth
    that Gratitude
    Rests in your Heart

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