November 16


How To Hear Your Still Small Voice

By Adela Rubio

November 16, 2012

Energy Shifts, Free Your Essence

If every 8-year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate
violence from the world within one generation.  Dalai Lama

When I was a little girl, while my friends played and fussed over their dolls, I used to lie on my bed and travel inwardly. My inner world seemed more vivid than the world I inhabited during my waking hours. I remember thinking that people talking sounded like so much static. It was jarring to me. At times that inner stillness overcame my waking consciousness, until the outer world and everything in it seemed far, far away. This little voice rang clearly and crisply, as I felt the pulsating rhythm of the heartbeat of Life. This was real!

No one taught me to be still, and listen inwardly, to stretch beyond the reaches of my body and welcome the cosmic forces at play. It was as easy as my breath, as simple as my longing, as graceful as my innocent gaze. In the sensation of stillness peace comes alive, she revels in paradox, plays with passion, and finds her pace in peace.

There's nothing for you to learn either. It's a discovery, a deeper connection to your inner being. There's nowhere to go, and nothing to do. Your power, your presence is already here, perhaps momentarily forgotten. It is merely a remembrance, a ‘welcome home.'

“Calmness is the cradle of power.“
Josiah Gilbert Holland

3 Steps to Find Your Still Small Voice

You can relax and check in with your deepest self to find that ‘still small voice,' or if you need a jumpstart you might try this approach.

Find, or create, an environment that is conducive to contemplative exploration. You'll want it to be away from distractions and noises, people and pets, phones and computers. Eventually, you'll be able to invoke this peace and stillness no matter where you are, but for now…

1. Open to Receive. Write and speak the question you'd like to find an answer to. Sometimes this is the tricky part, right? It's a good idea to ‘prime the pump.' You can do this with some free flow writing, just allow yourself to write whatever comes to you. You can also imagine that you're speaking to someone and speak it out.

2. Practice the Infinite Breath. This is really easy. Allow your breath to deepen and lengthen. Imagine that your in breath begins to draw the first half of the infinity sign, pause at the juncture where the lines cross, and exhale as you complete the infinity sign. Do 4 cycles of breathing, or continue breathing until you feel the outside world dim and your inner world come front and center.

3. Listen. You might get something in the moment or it might ripple into your awareness later on in the day, or even week. Don't force the divine download. Allow it to rise, just like a bubble. Know that the answer is on its way to you. You might want to close out with another session of writing. Engaging in some physical activity will help the movement of insight's and aha's. You could go for a walk, sing, dance, or make a delicious meal. Often, having a conversation with someone will also help it surface a lot faster. The important thing is not to push, just let it flow.

The Power of Peace

How does peace reveal itself to you? Let's, take a moment to invoke peace and discover how it unfolds …

Plug into the power of peace
Peacefully poised peace
Peace, Peace, Peace …
Recalibrates your wanting
Relinquishes your needing
Replenishes your BEing

Feel the peace
Profound peace
Present here
Present now
Just peace

Be the silence of your seeking
Sense the stillness of your longing
Quench the hunger of your emptiness
Awaken to heart-infused Peace

Delight in the purposeful peace
that so often escapes you
and unbidden is found
Peace, Found Peace

Relax into the saturated silence
of your soul-quenched yearnings
Powerful Peace, Passionate Peace

Cradled between you mother’s breasts
Heart beating, pulse throbbing
Wrapped enticingly within her
love drenched skin-scent
Nuzzled deeply, in her gentle embrace
Peace palpates you into being

Peace, pulsates through crystalline
microcosms of  your inner being
Finding every loss, every broken promise,
all illusions of betrayal breaking thru
Gently peace saturates your lovelessness
with sweet songs of surrender and solace.

Feel your Peace
Be your Peace
Feel Peace
Be Peace

~ Adela Rubio

Image: Angel, Peasap

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  1. Hi Adela,

    This is Anjali from India. It's been a quite a long time since i have been searching for a tool to help me to write down my thoughts and feelings in an appropriate manner so that i can share them with the world. I looked for so many creative writing methods and courses but somehow didn't feel right. Today, i came across your daily practice ideas and suddenly something sparked in me and i felt right and when i read your article about daily writing practice, my gut says i am in the right place. I wanted to be a writer since a long time but somehow i feel i don't have enough words to express my thoughts completely. I am extremely happy to find your site. I will make sure that i go through every article that you have written and in future when i become something in the world of writing, i want to say right now that there is a big contribution of your in my future successful life in this respective field of writing. If Universe desires, i might get an opportunity to meet you in person but today i am happy to say it's just a beginning.

    Thank you for inspiring this world and inspiring me.

  2. In a window of time
    In a glance of knowing
    In the crashing of cars
    In the loss of Sacred
    In the tree lined streets
    Among the throngs
    Nameless faces
    Unknown places
    The whirl of air
    The ground is clear
    Solid as I step
    One after another
    Piece by Peace

  3. Sending love and gratitude to that precious young Adela—her perception of the world led to an Adela who can play in a sacred peace and beckon to others to come find theirs as well.

    1. Thanks, Alisha! That little girl felt like a lone ranger, strange ranger, but it turned out to be that’s just who I am and it’s good. 🙂 I’m so glad we get to ‘see’ one another. Thank you for seeing me. Mwah!

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