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How to Handle Intense Emotions During Challenging Times

Emotions are my thing, a playground I'm well versed in. Life has tossed me off the deep end again and again so I've gained some experience. Today I  move through emotions more confidently. It's been hard won. It doesn't mean it's easy now, but I know I won't be annihilated by the way I feel. There was a time when this wasn't so.

Being highly attuned to feeling and sensing, as most highly aware and highly sensitive people, this was particularly challenging for me. I don't feel. I FEEL! This is great when it comes to expressing my creative essence – when I write, dance or sing. I can share the nuances of my creative spirit thru these mediums. And these very mediums can be a form to navigate these highly intense emotions.

But . . . if you can't break out into a song or dance, if you're away from your pottery wheel and you don't have your pad and pen with you, there are some things you can do to take the edge off.

4 Steps to Navigate Tsunami Emotions

I love these 3-step and 4-step tips. They somehow make the amorphous world of thoughts and emotions more manageable. Ha! Ha! Ha! It's good to have a framework!

All kidding aside, if you do even ONE of these things, your experience of intense emotions will shift pronto:

1. OBSERVE your emotions. Don't try to change a damn thing. Just watch the ebb and flow of your emotions. Notice that there's movement built into emotion. That means it won't be here forever (contrary to how it feels in the moment). Emotions are feeling + story (what you tell yourself about what/why/how you're feeling). As one of these shifts so does the other. Observation alone will handle most of this.

2. ACKNOWLEDGE the emotions. Own what you feel, name it. No judgment. “I'm feeling angry, sad …” As you acknowledge what you feel you'll notice the daisy chain created between feelings and the parts of your story about them: fear links to anger, doubt, worry and so on. You'll get a sense of the elusive nature of emotions and a sense of the powerful energy upon which they ride. It's a slippery slope until you go to the source … the energy.

3. EXPERIENCE the energy of the emotions. Imagine each emotion as pure energy, not what you think and assume about it. Leave out the story. Ride the emotion like a wave. Float on it if that feels better. Find the metaphor that helps you move through it. It's just a tool to tap into your creative power to shift anything and everything.

4. Be PRESENT to the POSSIBILITY. Experience yourself as the expansive I AM containing all possibilities. Open to a broader, deeper perspective. Imagine that you're as big as the multiverses and everything, everywhere is possible. Allow the divine downloads to appear in their own timing. Know that the gift, the understanding is on its way to you. Know that everything is perfect, even this.

Every challenge that appears at your doorstep is an opportunity: loss, crisis, problems. These are the raw materials of transformation. It is up to you to create the new in your world from the breakdown of the old. The more you treat challenges as opportunities (and see that emotions propel you down specific pathways for exploration) the sooner you'll be bobbing and weaving through the intense emotions. Your relationship to intense emotions will change. You'll see them as harbingers of evolution. It's a playground for a new becoming of you.

These are some of the tips I share in my dialogue with Rose Diamond of Sitting with Death and Choosing Life. She's gifted members of my community the audio of our interview where I also share 3 Self-Care Practices to Boost Your Energy When You're Feeling Low. Download the interview below.

Rose is a sensitive and highly intuitive guide with decades of experience in navigating deep transformation. If you're ready to gain access to more of your inner mastery you're in wonderful hands. Ready to join us?

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