How to Go From Victim to Victor (and Boost Your Personal Power)

At the bottom of the well of despair lives one thing.

This thing robs you of your beauty, your bounty, your bliss.

The root of all your suffering lies here.

It is always the last one standing.

This thing takes the wind from your sails.

It clips your wings.

You forget you used to fly.

This Robs You of Your Personal Power

This thing that is the source of deep suffering is your choice to be the victim.

You become the powerless one. The one who suffers at the hand of (fill in the blank). Victimhood depletes your energy resources. It positions you in the playground of powerlessness. You cannot shift. You are stuck. The longer you stay the more real it feels.

It is not real. You are not a victim. You are low, dangerously low, on energy.

Energy is Required

In order to move from victim to victor, energy is required. If you're like the average Westerner, your energy is highly compromised with a less than stellar diet, limited physical movement, loads of limiting beliefs, and plenty of early childhood programming. All of these require energy. Less energy, less power.

No wonder you're feeling like you can't meet the moment!

Choice requires energy. Personal power is an energy source. It grants access to volition: your ability to discern your choices and how to find the best fit. At any given moment, your choice is what dictates the spectrum of outcomes. Expand the bandwidth and the menu of choices changes.

This world can either be a glorious adventure or a grueling burden. You get to choose. Would you prefer to be the victim of circumstances or the victor of your situation? The role you choose helps to shape the world you inhabit.

This flexing of your response muscle is required and always at play when you are a conscious participant in life. Instead of bemoaning what occurs, you look to design a winning outcome. Instead of being less than you become more than.

This is a win-win default mode not only for you. It helps set down a new groove in consciousness which helps to make it more available to others.

Find the Victor in You (Writing Exercise)

Increasing personal power starts with cleaning up the energy drains in your body and environment, then moving onto the internal terrain and exploring thoughts and belief systems that don't support you. It means removing what depletes you and incorporating what alivens you.

Here's a simple exercise that can help you become aware of where you're playing small and re-connect you with your victor. Do this handwritten (preferably)

  1. Take a sheet of paper and create 4 columns in your notebook.
  2. First Column: Make a list of all your grievances. Places where you feel the victim. Keep it short. To a phrase.
  3. Second Column: Who's responsible.
  4. Third Column: Take that grievance and put in what you wish would have happened. Keep it short. To a phrase.
  5. Fourth Column: Who's responsible.

Notice any patterns and projections. Note them down on the next page.

Here's another way to look at this shifting from victim to victor. When you look at past grievances you are looking into time. More focus on the past guarantees the same future. When you focus on a present-moment response you have shifted to the dimension of timelessness. Here is where miracles and magic (cause it's not understood yet) happen. Go ahead and choose!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko


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