September 4


How to Go From Here to There: The Evolutionary Dance in 3 Steps

By Adela Rubio

September 4, 2016

This business of personal growth can be exhausting or exhilarating. What if you considered another pathway. One that allowed you to experience both – or any flavor in between – without judgment? What if you chose to experience the evolutionary adventure as a dance. . . one where you lead and follow, one where you improvise and explore.

Make no mistake, whether you are a conscious partner or asleep at the wheel (and we all experience both), evolution is the name of the planetary game. You have only to witness the changes in your body, business and relationships to know the truth of this. The infinite aspect of your being, moved by the spiral of Life, pulls you into ever increasing awareness on the nature of who you really are. The dance of possibility is your partner.

Sometimes this shows up as frustration, discontent, even anger. It is up to you to see the signposts for what they are . . . an invitation to greater consciousness, a calling to deeper engagement, a pull to know the truth for yourself. You can suffer or you can soar, there really is no in between. You can go willingly or take floundering action on the heels of crisis. You can be a victim or a victor. Always, you get to choose.

I'm certain you've experienced loss, sadness, even crisis and deep sorrow. You've also experienced unbounded joy and exhilarating success. They're all characters in this play of Life. I'm sure you're more as a consequence: More caring, more loving, more understanding, more compassionate.

You may not have control over the happenstances of Life, you certainly do have control over your response to it. You DO have a choice to react or respond. Reaction is unconscious and powerless. Response is conscious and powerful. Which playground do you think taps into your beauty and brilliance?

It ALL begins with choice. Your choice is what dictates the bandwidth of being, the world that you get to inhabit. Your choices are like the tributaries of a river, dissipating or connecting to the greater flow of Life.

This isn't rocket science. Chances are you've been around the block a few times. You might resonate with these words. Certainly you recognize the elements that lead to a grander more vibrant you. You've already experienced yourself in this expansive, visionary playground. Bring to mind, here and now, those moments when you flowed with ease, when your being expanded with every breath and you were SO full you thought you'd burst from the joy of it!

You already KNOW the steps to the dance because you ARE the dance! There is nothing that you need to get or do – no new training or teacher (yada, yada, yada). Funny, isn't it? We forget all that we are. Let's remember . . .

Take a DEEP breath and sink into the sensation of your infinite being. Feel suspended in the grander stream of Life, an essential aspect of All That Is. Feel the real you, the true you come to the foreground. Allow the not you to drop away – those aspects of your world that were learned and orchestrated. Feel the innocence and joy of your essential being. Wondrous, isn't it?

Here's how I articulate the evolutionary dance in my world. Notice this is my perspective. If it serves you, right on! If not, create your own dance (and share it below). There are as many ways to dance as there are beings in creation. Here's how to dance from loss to leap and evolve anything:

1. Identify Your Themes. What are the issues in your every day world that press your buttons, bring you to life, and stir your soul? When I think of my own recurring themes it's consciousness, connection and community. I've experienced a lot of pain around these issues as an immigrant, a woman, a highly sensitive/highly aware being and an all around strange ranger. Because your themes come from your personal pain they fire you up. Your themes are your WHY. Your themes fuel your movement.

2. Mind Your Memes. Because you've been personally impacted by these ‘less than themes' you have personal experience in overcoming them. Your response to these themes are the memes you've created around them. These are recurring ideas on how to shift your theme.It's YOUR answer to that problem or challenge. How did you DO it? How do you do it now that you've had more practice in overcoming it? Whether I'm pursuing my passions of writing or leading online events and communities, those memes are things I've mastered because I had to. I was deeply moved by my pain to shift from being introverted and disconnected to creating a like minded community that ‘got me.' Your memes activate change for yourself and others.

3. Co-Create the Shift. Imagine the tsunami of change that could occur if each one of us identified our themes and mastered our memes? What if we came from our light and our brilliance and shared that with the world? What if we stopped complaining and doing the ‘woe is me' and lived our greatest Life? What BIG Shifts would be possible if we were awake and aware as to WHO we really are? This is where an aligned community is pure magic! You'll get who you are a lot quicker around others that see your brilliance. Our collective awakening creates an evolutionary world.

To some this may seem like a pipe dream. Some of my nearest and dearest family and friends tell me I don't live in the real world. Ha Ha Ha! The truth is, darlings, what most people do is exist in a barren world. The vibrant, juicy and delicious sensations that you feel let you know when you are in the land of Life! When you are feeling cut off from this way of being you are not living, you are lost.

Join me in awakening the power and possibility available right here, right now. Let's be the new!

I'm hosting 3 bonus calls on these 3 topics – Identify Your Themes, Master Your Memes and Co-Create the Shift – for members of my community who register for my latest co-creative adventure with Placida Acheru of Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit. We start on Wednesday. Email me the registration email you receive and I'll put you on a private list. See you then!

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