May 24


How to Flow with the Creative Forces

By Adela Rubio

May 24, 2019

The Wild Creatrix

When the seasons shift it's a great time to ride the energy of the creative forces. Natural rhythms pull us forward into cycles where things happen with much more ease. In spring it's a time to focus on what wants to come to Life. Where are you budding forth? What's in bloom?

These were my musings this morning as I communed with my Wild Creatrix. Although the creative forces are strong within me, I tend to prefer intimate environments. I want to feel seen and heard, to be known before I reveal my dreams and visions. I'm interested in the deep dive, not a surface encounter.

Safe, however, is not the ride the creative forces deliver. This morning I did two things to ride this energy of budding forth, even though initially I didn't feel like it, I …

  1. Introduced myself in an FB group where I've been a member for several months. I've lurked a bit here and there but haven't really participated.
  2. Responded to an invitation to partner on a colleagues FB Live show via another FB group. (Lots happening in groups!)

I felt a pull to do both of these things. I was ready to answer, but a bit reluctant. I made a move to ‘go with' the pull of the creative forces and Voila! it became easy. I hammered out what I had to say instantly.

The key thing about flowing with the creative forces is to move with, instead of against. When a flower transitions from a seed to a stem then a bud she is not impeding the flow. She is opening to the creative forces, she is a conduit for creation.

How to Nourish Your Creations

Once a seed has been planted its impulse is to grow. Very simple. You pay attention to what it needs and nourish it. If you're planting flowers that might look like:

  • preparing the soil
  • planting the seeds
  • watering the seeds
  • ensuring adequate sunlight
  • flower thrives and blossoms

It's the same thing with your creative projects. You need to map them out, bring them into being, and enjoy the blossoming.

The Wild Creatrix Arises

My year-long project is the Wild Creatrix. It's an idea that popped in about two years ago. At the time I was deeply in the throes of loss as my Dad was very ill and then passed. The idea has not left me. It has intensified.

I started this year off with a very low-key offer to join a Writing Circle based on the idea of the Wild Creatrix. There have been 8 of us cavorting in the playground and her energy has taken hold.

The intention of the Wild Creatrix is three-fold: (1) to unleash your creative essence, (2) activate your self-expression, and (3) grow your inner circle. I've been doing this myself for 18+ years now. I've been a member of many, many circles. Whether you call them coaching circles, masterminds or writing circles, I've communed in a circle for a long time.

As I give rise to the vision of The Wild Creatrix and take action on what buds forth from within, things unfold easily and naturally. I vision it every 1st Wednesday in my Wild Creatrix Circle but it's with me always.

What is the vision calling you into being? Where are your opportunities to blossom?

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