January 21


How To FIND and USE Your Kindle Highlights for Inspiration

By Adela Rubio

January 21, 2018

How many books have you read on personal development, spiritual wisdom, and business growth? Have you ever had a tremendous insight while reading, highlighted the passage and then completely forgot about it?

Would you like a tool that helps you retain and recall that wisdom so you could put more of it into practice? If your answer is, “Yes!” read on. This free tool can help you get re-inspired in your business and your life. The tool is Readwise, a free Chrome Extension that syncs all the books and highlights you read and keeps it all organized. I use it on a daily basis. Read below to see three ways I'm using my Kindle highlights.

Here's what the menu looks like . . .

I discovered it a while ago and I'm hooked. Readwise sends you a daily email which helps you easily re-visit your Kindle highlights. Need to find that perfect quote by Steve Jobs or Epictetus to support your writing? Access your Kindle highlights on their website and search by specific authors or topics. Go the extra step and tag your quotes for even better organization and recall.

Here's what the Books Highlights view looks like . . .

3 Ways I'm Using Readwise

  1. Create Quote Graphics: If you're on my mailing list, and follow me on social media, you know that I love sharing quotes. Getting daily emails of the wisdom I've already highlighted from my favorite authors saves me loads of time and prevents me from getting sucked into the rabbit hole of internet searches.
  2. Use As Writing Prompts: I do free flow writing every day and it's the primary tool for self-awareness that I use in my 30-Day Writing Circles. I have a mailing list specifically for this practice, and also a facebook group on Writing Circles. Readwise makes it really easy to find and share great writing prompts.
  3. Discover New Books and Authors: I'm a voracious reader, often reading several books at the same time. I read books in print but my primary reading format these days is my Kindle. It's so easy and portable. Though I'm also a subscriber to Goodreads, Readwise makes it easy to discover new authors and new books from authors I already love. My daily email includes not only my Kindle highlights but a new quote from a suggested author.

You can customize the number of highlights per email and the frequency and time of emails. Readwise can be accessed on your Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet. There's no charge and it creates loads of value. Readwise is a great tool for writers and a wonderful resource for readers. It might even inspire you to re-read that life-changing book.

Try it out and let me know what you think of it! I'd love to know how you might use Readwise. Make sure to post below!

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