December 31


How to Embrace the Language of Kindness

By Adela Rubio

December 31, 2008

Is kindness something you reserve for select people and situations? Is kindness something you relegate to senior citizens, small children and sad strangers? Do you find that you can be kind to the needy or the underdog? How about the corporate greedy, the corrupt politician or the clandestine terrorist?

Kindness arises from your abundance. It's the playground of no judgment and no expectations. It gives because it has to give. Kindness is an outpouring from you that recognizes the same in another. Yes, it can show up when someone is in dire need of care, but aren't those whose light are dimmed in need of care too?

Today, consider those that you might not ordinarily include in your cauldron of kindness.

  • Is it the bully at your child's school?
  • Is it the opposing political party?
  • Is it an aggressive and ambitious co-worker?
  • Is it someone in your family that has done you harm?
  • Is it you? (Sometimes we reserve kindness for others but not ourselves.)

Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

~ Mark Twain

Kindness is not limited to any specific person or circumstance. It is a natural outpouring of the abundance that is you, recognizing the abundance in another. All it takes for someone to turn out, in a big way, is to notice who they REALLY are, not how they show up.

Today you could be the one to flip the switch. Will you?

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