How to Create a Profitable Business Empire Using Credibility Branding

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

We'll take a look at what you love (even if it is a hobby) and show you how to generate income—LOTS of income. And we'll discuss how to create a product from NOTHING, how to build a list and drive traffic. Create multiple streams of income (NO Multi-Level Marketing) and launch a teleseminar empire that will position yourself as an expert.

Jennifer McLean is a healer, speaker, author and entrepreneur trained in several modalities of healing including energetic and sound therapies. She created the ground breaking marketing system Credibility Branding and wrote the book about this strategy,The Credibility Factor. As the host of the popular Healing With the Masters program, she has interviewed leaders in spirituality, including Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, Judith Orloff, James Redfield and many more.

Healing Life, Healing Business – Your business in a box, DVD's that, cover soup to nuts, everything you'll need to launch your conscious business. Two days of healing, releasing and re-patterning and two days of marketing and business strategies. ALL of this is yours, EVEN if you are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, and even if you are not even a business person!

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