How to Break Down Your 90-Day Vision

When I started this writing project yesterday the original time frame that came to me was 90 days. I cut it back to 30 days when I thought to invite others to join me in it.  Now that I think more on it, I see that I can break it down into 3 phases, this month being our first phase to get clear on crafting and embodying the first layer of your vision.

Yesterday's task was creating an intention for the writing project. Today let's take the next step and (1) get clear on your vision and (2) the actions that will bring you closer to it.

Once I wrote and shared my initial intention, more specific information came through on how to use this writing project to move me into more of my vision.

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Morning Musing

Yesterday this thought bubbled up… “You're one step away from your dreams and vision.” Whether it's big or small, take one step and you will move towards your goals. Here are 4 things you can focus on every day: meditation, musing, movement and monetization.

I did 3 out 4 yesterday. Wahoo! I want to get clear on specific monetization tasks which is something I often shy from. This money thing that's been here the last 3 years smacks of a comfort level with giving, rather than receiving.

I'm open to exploring how to move through this with ease and grace. I know I've grown in my willingness to receive more from others. I suspect the flood gates will open to a grander source, Life itself.

There are hidden rocks as I approach the shoreline. These unconscious blocks are ready to be revealed. I feel the coming home. It's different than what I expected.


My vision already has fully functioning elements. My inner world is rich and a source of deep satisfaction. I'm deeply attuned to my inner voice and incorporate it's promptings throughout my day. My family, which is an essential part of my vision for a happy life, occupies huge portions of my world.

Here's my 30-Day Plan

On my birthday this year, February 18, I decided I'd be the fittest ever in my body and business. Lately I've been frustrated with my lack of focus in these two areas. These are two things that nourish me and yet I often short change myself on giving them their due.

Once I got a clear hit, I got the following very specific tasks that I can focus on every day to move more fully into my vision:

1. Meditation. Spend some time in stillness at the start of the day. It doesn't have to be an hour, or even 30 minutes, 5 minutes will do. Create the space for daily connection and invitation for your inner being. [I begin my day with at least 5 minutes in silence every day. Many days it's 30 minutes.]

2. Musing. Journal every day and share portions that are relevant to your movement. Highlight the challenges and share how you plan to shift it. Open to the miracles. [I blog daily and share in my FB group and social media.]

3. Movement. Give your body an opportunity to move joyfully every day. Again, it's quality not quantity. Be guided in your choices as to what type of movement is best. [I vary my workouts with a combination of walking and weight training, yoga and dance.]

4. Monetization. Receive compensation for your work. Take the content and programs that you've created and put them out there. I've got a lot of content and programs. There is nowhere on my site where anyone can buy anything from me. This is very telling. This is the shakiest of my tasks as the specifics still feel muddled for me. This lets me know that there are limiting beliefs lurking! [I am doing daily tasks to create products.]

My specific tasks may speak to you or they may inspire you to create your own. Once you have the vision, choose specific things you can do to move you in the direction of your vision. You can tweak the tasks as you move along. Your vision can not come into being unless you take action.

Happy trails, honeys! Let me know how you're doing below.


Adela Rubio

Adela Rubio writes and speaks on awakening your creative essence with the power of collaboration and community. She's hosted 25+ Women's Writing Circles, 30-Day Adventures, and Telesummits.

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