April 25


How to Awaken the Life Artist Within

By Adela Rubio

April 25, 2014

Big Shifts 21-Day


The emergence of something new is afoot. Can you feel it?

This deep knowing that all is good, or on it's way, is the heartbeat of my life these days.

I'm guessing you're a highly creative and aware person. Have you felt the inner rumbling of something's coming?

Life often interrupts the matrix. It swaps out your palette and mixes the paint.

What if you are especially wired to bring things to life with a bit more artistry? What if your less than linear approach is just the thing for a moment such as this. Perhaps you are a Life Artist, someone who paints the canvas of Life in their own inimitable way. What an adventure!

I first heard the phrase Life Artist from one of my creative soul family, Julie Jordan Scott. It was a thunderbolt moment of instant recognition. Something that often happens in Julie's presence!

In the past nine weeks I've been experiencing the ebb and flow, the come and go, of a recent BIG Shift in my family. The Life Artist adventure creates a perfect framework for how to play during these difficult times.

In the midst of big changes and deep rifts,
how can you STILL paint your canvas?

I decided to paint my canvas with a writing circle. Writing in sacred community unleashes honest and holy writing. I've written with some of these gals for 10+ years. Our gathering gives rise to unfathomable depth, exquisite intimacy, and delicious creative flow. Ultimately, it delivers the most vital nutrient … LOVE, the force that powers all creation. The writing circle is starting to work it's magic. I'm writing again.

I've been musing on the things that have helped me create clarity and certainty on this Life Artist adventure, especially during rocky times. Here are the 3 pathways sure to awaken what's meaningful and true:

1. Self Awareness Practice. Regularly engage in play, process or practice that has you look within and curiously question and explore. It can be energy shifts or journaling, photography or meditation. This is an opportunity to witness the come and go, notice the recurring themes and sharpen your discernment. It will bring to light the WHO and WHY, the WHAT and HOW of your creative expression.

2. Sacred Playground. A community with an aligned intention is rocket fuel for your ability to take the big leaps often required to bring your creative gifts to life. It is the most precious oasis for you to share, test and tweak your creative gifts. One of my favorites is a weekly writing circle.  Regular writing in sacred community elicits connection, curiosity and co-leadership. It will do more for you than flailing about on your own. Whether you're an author or coach, a fine artist or energy worker you have to test your creations in the cauldron of real life. A sacred playground will help you do this more easily by creating clarity and certainty in you and your work.

3. A Life Artist Business. Whether you're an author or artist, coach or mentor, healer or helper, being the source of your own abundance will do more to create the Life you want than anything else. You aren't free to express and explore fully if you're tethered to work that doesn't aliven your being. The muses of innovation do not live in uninspired places.

Engage these 3 adventures deeply and you'll awaken the inner artistry to create a bountiful, beautiful Life.

Join my BIG Shifts community below and you'll be invited to 4 special gatherings – starting May 6th – to engage and explore your creative essence and how it wants to show up in the world.

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Image:  Nina Matthews, The Curve in the Middle of the Path

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