How to Access Your Irrefutable Truth

There is no magic bullet, secret sauce, or sure-fire technique that will drop the veil of forgetfulness and provide you access to ALL your gifts and talents (and how to embody them).

The adventure to access your irrefutable truth begins with the drop-dead certainty that you will not find it anywhere but within yourself. No guru, master, or teacher can grant you this access. No books, training, or courses can guarantee you'll get there intact.

The only certainty is your path is unique and the only way to know it is to walk it. Challenges tend to highlight the disparity between your current worldview and the life that you want to create. Truth is hiding in the catty corner of your illusions. It requires you to open up, encounter your fears, and stand firm with an open heart.

“Life is surrounding you with people and situations that stimulate growth … You only have to be willing to open your heart in the face of anything and everything, and permit the purification process to take place.”

The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer

Some tall order, huh? It's ALL a growth opportunity, right? That's what I say on my better days (which is most of the time.) I know how hard it is to embody this Michael Singer quote. There are still places where I struggle.

My Practice Stack

I've been in this transformation rodeo a long time. I've bobbed and weaved with the best of them. There have been tremendous challenges and astounding growth. I am a far cry from the young girl who started meditating when she was 12, courtesy of Yoga for Americans by Indra Devi. (If you know who this is you are my kind of weird).

Last year was a particularly tough one, my Mom's death wore down all my edges. My heart could barely handle the sorrow, sadness, and despair. Mostly, because our relationship had deteriorated and so had her mind. There was no forgiveness, no resolution. I cried for months all the time and at the weirdest moments: showering, meditating, waking, falling asleep, etc. In the end, there was not much I could do except love her AND myself through this experience.

Here are some things that helped me out of the abyss:

  • Meditation. I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with seated meditation for most of my life. It was hard for me to sit still. Forget about letting go of my thoughts. Today is a different story. I'm treading new ground, a year into this daily meditation gig. Is this a thing? Most definitely yes.
  • Zen Meditation Class. Going solo can be comforting but nothing beats the juju of an experienced guide. I found one in Dr. Gene Healy of Root Healing Zen, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who also did formal meditation training in Korea. His 7 pm Wednesday evening classes with Q&A have been an anchor in my practice.
  • A Course in Miracles (ACIM). I actually helped to typeset the books back in the 90s when I was freelancing as a typesetter in New York City. Marianne Williamson stopped by the shop and asked me what I thought of the book. I told her I was having violent reactions. She invited me to attend her NYC lectures. They were amazing! For the past year, I have also been doing the ACIM Workbook which is the daily meditations. They are a powerful tool in shifting from a mindset of fear to a mindset of love.
  • Circle. Your circle can either pull you forward or hold you back. I culled people from my life. It was hard. I am now fully surrounded by people who see me and love me. My Wild Creatrix Writing Circle was a balm for my wounded soul. There were many times I burst into tears from the writing that came through my soul sisters. My brother has been my staunchest supporter and partner on the healing adventure. I am truly blessed to have amazing people in my life.

This practice stack has helped me to access my irrefutable truth. It's been slow and steady, step by step, but it's as certain as the sunrise.

What tools are in your practice stack? I'd love to know.

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash


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