January 18


How Do You Plan for a Visionary Business?

By Adela Rubio

January 18, 2013

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Try as I might I can't help but reflect at this time of year. I get swept into the vortex of fresh beginnings, just like you. And I'm also keen to release the fury and the fuss that this time of year can elicit. “Plan your year! Set Your Goals!”

Listen, it's important to plan. It's more important to have the wind at your back, to open to your focus and flow and avail yourself of the dynamic ability that you have to navigate the playground. I prefer to plan, and partner. I like to create a scaffolding for my projects and programs, and my partnerships. This way I have the lay of the land, and I've helped to create it. I also pick a theme for the year.mindmap

I have a dual theme this year: “Presence” and “Get It Done”.  Seems like a paradox, yes? I'm intent on enjoying the abundance that is an every day occurrence and am eager to enjoy MORE of what makes me come alive…

  • More writing and sacred ‘inner time'
  • Stretch the comfort zone with moolah, boolah!
  • More dance … the movement of Mambo or the close embrace of Tango
  • Love more… more massages and fun dates, more hugs and snuggles
  • Weekly adventures… like an Artist's Date, but it could also be hiking.

How about you? If you knew you had 30 days left of life on Planet E, what would you do with that time? WHY (oh why) aren't you doing that right now! Take a piece of paper and a pad and write that everyday bucket list right now. What are those 5-6, or even 2-3, things that make you smile, and feel good, day in and day out? Pen them in!

It does not make any sense to postpone living until you achieved your perfect business plan or exceeded your year end goals. Life is right now. Your business is right now. The way that you can make an extraordinary difference is here, right now. It's ALL here right now. Do you see how planning might seem to be redundant?!

And yet, mapping it out is one of the ways to bring it into being… from your inner vision to the page. One of the ways that I keep ‘on track' with my projects and partnerships is to use Evernote. I love this tool. There's a free and a pro version. They're both feature-rich.

Check out this 17-minute video on how I use Evernote to organize my ‘creative chaos.' There's some strategy info you may find useful, more importantly, there's inner fuel to tap into what really matters: “How You Can Use Evernote to Organize Your Business and Your Life!”

Image: How to Draw God, Hyper-Psych Artist

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  1. Hi, Adela…Would love to sign up for your Evernote webinar, but have hit a computer malfunction and the “sumbit” button above won’t open. Would love to join you!

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