How do YOU Meet a Challenge: Cowering or Creatively?

That's a provocative question, right? Of course, there are many ways to respond. I see them as a continuum. You're either moving towards a creative approach or else you're backing down, you're cowering. It's possible you deem yourself as less than capable of meeting the moment.

It happens.

In evolutionary coaching, the provocative question is designed to invite your client to the ledge of their current understanding, to explore what's waiting in the wings. Having a coach to lead you to this place is priceless. However, you can take a coach approach to your life and try it on for size.

I have had many challenges on this Life adventure. I still do. It's built into the playground. Challenges develop your resilience and creative capacity. There is always a choice. You can come from your creative design or you can shrink into a less than version of yourself. This isn't a judgment. It's an invitation.

Fear Speaks Softly

The past year has been a deep immersion in this practice of creative response. I have been knee-deep in the sorrow and sadness of real-life stuff (i.e., my mom's passing, relationships ending, home displacement, etc). Fear, and terror at times, walked into my world. Who knew I had this cowering creature inside of me?

As many tools and practices as I have, it was still very hard. Little by little, I opened my heart and stopped pushing her away. Fear had much to say. She's an awakener, you know, and full of care. I needed to hear these very important messages. I couldn't opt out any longer.

So here it is (my big confession): I am afraid of dying. Gasp! Never in a million years did I imagine this was living somewhere inside of me. Maybe it's because I turned 65 in February. I feel like I've crossed the line. I am clearly on the other side: the one that has no more time to waste on bs.

I had much support along the way: my family, my writing circle, and my power pal. These are people that see me and share truthfully. I also revved up my essential practices of daily writing, meditating, contemplative reading, and going to the gym. ALL of this supported me in defaulting to a creative response. It wasn't just one thing.

Six months after Fear stirred the pot, I am finally feeling more at peace, integrated, and ready to begin again.

Writing Exercise: What If

This question, “What If?” is one of my fave creative self-coaching tools. It's also a great writing exercise and practice. It can be applied anytime anywhere, especially when you're feeling teeny tiny and not BIG enough for whatever is happening.

  1. Invite Your Vastest Self. It's important to call the perfect partner for this question. Invite your most unleashed and self-expressed vibe and welcome curiosity, excitement, and wonder. That high-vibing frequency is just what you want as you unhook from what is and consider what if.
  2. Capture the Insights. Grab your fave notebook + pen. Use this writing prompt:

    What if …

    Allow any associated thoughts or ideas to pop out onto the page. Do it as a free-flow exercise. Write a list. Draw a mindmap. Or make a video or audio recording. Do whatever comes naturally to capture the insights.
  3. Integrate the Insights. Do the writing exercise every day. Notice the shifts, themes, and insights. Write them down. Notice the obvious action step. Take it.

These are examples of a creative response to challenges. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by them you can change the framework and benefit from the current catastrophe. It's the surest path to personal growth and navigating it all with power, grace, and ease.

Energy Exercise: Begin Again

As I'm working with this theme of begin again, I'll be sharing frameworks, tools, and practices that have helped. Here's one framework that can change everything instantly: Every moment is an opportunity to begin again.

Here's an experience for you to explore (I'll get a recording up here shortly).

I cease the push.
I find the pull.
I relax.

I open and expand.
I invite the Forces of Life
to move with me.

This begin again thing
is ongoing.
It's happening here and now.

At any time begin again
Breathe. Relax. Expand.

Notice your…

Feel the luscious movement
of Life within and without

Find your pulse.
Feel your rhythm.
Dance to it.

You know how to flow, darling!


Photo by Greg Jeanneau 🗾 on Unsplash


Begin Again

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  1. WOW going outside to write in the sun and changing my journaling to this question! What is really Pulling on me What do I really desire to do that I am avoiding? Doing that might end up inspiring my next step! The path is rarely direct!! And certainly seldom the way I imagined! Awesome as usual!! Thanks for the Invitation!! You are always a great INSPIRATION even if I cannot sign up for all your amazing classes!! Love always, Morgine

    1. Thanks for taking me up on the invitation, Morgine! I've been using this as a practice. I get a steady stream of spaciousness and creative downloads just pop (especially when I meditate or daydream).

  2. Finding the pull. Not sure avoiding the unwelcome consequences of not doing something I fear is a good pull… maybe the relief when it's done? Not particularly appealing enough to get me taking action either. I think the pull might be a time deadline. I'd rather find another pull. Any suggestions Adela?

    1. It's kind of hard to pinpoint where to go without actually having a session. There are lots of wormholes to explore, lol.

      I would pay attention to where those energies reside in my body. Dialogue and explore what they have to say. Just take notes. Withhold judgment but notice the flare-up of resistant or 'negative' emotions. Dialogue with them Jot down the judgments. How would the experience feel if it were a pull vs a push? Is the push in your head or in your body? Does it have a repeat theme, a specific tone or voice?

      See where I'm going? Sit with the discomfort of what is occurring within you. Get more information before you come to any opinons. The real test is that when you're in the flow, the pull of it, all resources are available and at hand. Action occurs. Movement occurs. No resistance. Just flow (an answer to the pull).

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