August 24


Honor Your Ebb and Flow

By Adela Rubio

August 24, 2011

Wild Abundance

If you find yourself worn out by worry, sick of scarcity and wondering when your next ‘cup runneth over' moment will occur you might be experiencing the ebb and flow… of your flow.

It can seem easier, at first, to be seduced by a scarcity mindset than to direct your attention to where there IS flow in your life. Don't make the mistake  of assuming that abundance has high tailed it out of your home, just because cash flow slows to a spurt.

No, no, no! This is the time to follow your flow. You might just realize that even though your cash flow is experiencing some minor turbulence, you are knocking it out of the park in the kitchen. This is the nature of ebb and flow. It will ALWAYS lead to your abundance, though you may not readily recognize it.

Everything on earth is cyclical, and all phases are temporary. For every ebb there is a flow that will follow. Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

This is composting time! Get in touch with your organic nature. Map out the ebb and flow you've previously experienced. How did you feel? What did you do? What worked? What didn't? What calls to you now… it might be something new.

You might also find yourself with extra time on your hands. Yahooey! Use this time to learn something new, try your hand at a new skill, laze around and read, and even take a vacation. There are ideas in your mind just wanting to be tried on for size. Pay attention to the cellular urge to follow your flow and immerse yourself in your passions and dreams.

Try this other ebb and flow strategy… Every time that you receive payment, acknowledge that you are receiving money in exchange for your experience. Notice how great that feels. Regardless of whether money is coming in at the moment or not, realize that you ARE gaining more experiencing every day that WILL turn into money. Feel your present AND future abundance. Generously sprinkle gratitude wherever you go. Practice random acts of kindness. Notice how giving multiplies your joy and inevitably returns your gift in exponential abundance.

Ebb periods are great times to get even clearer about money in your life. Imagine that you're doing a cleanse for your life, not just your body. Allow the things that want to be released to come to the surface so that you can honor them and move on.

The ebb and flow are just another invitation to experience the infinite opportunities to expand your power, clarity and vision. Game on!

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    1. Yes, Elizabeth! One of the things that comes up for me is that I need to be as masterful with my money as I am with my energy. That means being responsible and planning for the ebb and flow. It is an expression of self love, too.

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