March 2


Here and Now

By Adela Rubio

March 2, 2008

We're not teaching reaching for thoughts that feel better so that you can make things turn out the way you want them to turn out. We're teaching it because in this moment of your frustration is your life, and we would not squander life on frustration.

In other words, we want you to reach for thoughts that feel good not to get end-results that you want –  although you will – but because when you reach for thoughts that feel good, you allow the connection of who you are here and now.  That's what matters, you see. Abraham Hicks

Your Life is a dynamic flow of vibrant energy. It is an open expanded stream of creation, in a constant state of come and go.

Just like your breath, there are incomings and outgoings. Any attempt to stop the flow is contrary to your design and natural state of being. You can label these attempts resistance, denial or a restriction of the flow. The name doesn't matter, the energy of it DOES.

Open to the flow, release the form. Experience the alivening now in its myriad incarnations of being.

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