April 17


Ten Ways to Grow Your Business with Expert Interviews

By Adela Rubio

April 17, 2011

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Expert interviews are a powerful strategy to help you grow your base of potential clients and customers easily.

Whether you're a coach, author or service professional, there's nothing that will flip that abundance switch like moving from ‘going after clients' to having clients clamoring for you. Unfortunately, that doesn't start happening until you find your tribe, establish your expertise in delivering solutions to their burning issues, and having some mega-reach.

That's exactly where I was two years ago before I started hosting expert interviews. Since then I've hosted over 100 and I've experienced a quantum leap in my business: my list grew from under 200 to 17,000+, my joint venture partnerships went from 0 to 100+ and my income went from mid five-figures to six-figures.

I regularly get invited to participate in joint ventures and I've moved into a much bigger playground. I'm co-hosting my first live event and finally joining the ranks of published authors, a long time dream of mine.

5 Primary Benefits of Hosting Expert Interviews

My business grew in quantum leaps from those 100+ interviews. I learned loads too. Let me share the 5 primary reasons that Expert Interviews can help you grow your business:

  1. Fast Track Your List Building. Add hundreds, even thousands, to your list on a monthly basis. Audio is one of the easiest and most widely available platforms for delivering content. It IS a numbers game! List building is essential for business growth.
  2. Provide an Experience. Expert interviews are an experiential platform. You get to ask questions and connect with other participants.  Ask your expert to include an experiential portion. Have listeners experience their expertise.
  3. Identify the Urgent Problems and Solutions Needed by Your Tribe. Expert Interviews are the best market research on the planet. Your tribe's most urgent needs will surface again and again. You will come away from Expert Interviews knowing exactly what your Tribe needs and how to deliver it.
  4. Create Authentic Relationships with Your Tribe and your Expert. Your Tribe is eager for solutions and trusted experts that can help. Experts are eager to reach more people. Showcasing your expert's know-how is sure to create a solid connection. This goes way beyond the ‘know, like and trust' factor.
  5. Easily Generate Income. Information doesn't sell, experiences do. Your participants come away from the call knowing the value and easily purchase. You can earn anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars from a SINGLE Expert Interview.

5 Advanced Benefits of Hosting Expert Interviews

Host Expert Interviews regularly and you'll reap these 5 more benefits:

  1. Elevate Your Expert Status and Know How. You come away from an Expert Interview with a mini-education. Your experts often share their products with you. Your business grows by upgrading the company you keep.
  2. Experience Increased Confidence and Clarity About Your Expertise. Your brilliance is almost always missed by YOU! Others can better reflect your gifts. Your Tribe will eagerly share what's great about you. It creates crystal clear confidence in your value and what you offer.
  3. Build Your Strategic Partner Network. Joint venture partners love to collaborate with experienced, savvy partners. They'll partner with you again and introduce you to other possible partners. Build friendships that go way beyond business.
  4. Hone Your Authentic Signature Style. Early on I tried to use business models and strategies that didn't feature my strengths. Some of the models I used actually set me up for failure! Those models didn't create an environment where my natural gifts and talents could shine. As your confidence and clarity increase, your authentic signature style becomes apparent. Being uniquely you is very attractive!
  5. Put Your Income on Autopilot. Leverage your content. Queue your Expert Interview into an autoresponder. Continue to generate income on the interview, weeks and months after you've hosted it. Repurpose the content into a special report, course or video. Drive traffic to the opt-in page through social media and joint venture partners.

List building with Expert Interviews is a strategy that works like gangbusters to grow your business. You cannot grow your business in a vacuum. It is through the power of partnership that your reach will increase at the speed of light.

You can't get there alone. In fact, you can't get very far at all.
Keith Ferrazzi

Expert Interviews are a fast-track strategy that builds authority, increase visibility and position your message powerfully and profitably.

Want to get some nuts and bolts training on how to boost your business with Expert Interviews? Register below to get succinct tips to grow your business leveraging your talent, time and technology!

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    1. Thanks, Nancy! I LOVE this medium, especially because I get to share such great folks, like you. It is a win win strategy for everyone, that’s why it STILL works.

  1. Thanks for a fabulous post, Adela! I’ve done expert interviews over the years, starting in 2006 with a podcast series, but haven’t been purposeful about it. This summer, I’m starting a speaker teleseminar series, and much of what you say in the posting rings true. I look forward to approaching expert interviews more strategically this time around….

    1. Carol,

      It drives me crazy to see folks investing their time and energy and NOT getting the kinds of results that are possible. Yahoo for you on getting strategic. It’s what differentiates those who experience success from the ones that just spin their wheels.

      1. I have some definite opinions on the ‘strategic’ use of podcasts too. And Expert Interviews are NOT one of them, LOL!

        1. Adela–interesting comment about use of podcasts. Several years ago, Jeremiah Owyang, a former analyst at Forrester talked about how people want “shish kabob instead of steak”. He was talking about the move toward digestible, bite-sized information. I was reminded of this in a recent conversation with another social media expert on the ideal length of a streaming training video–5 minutes!

          Would love to have you talk more about strategic use of podcasts in a future posting….

          1. I totally agree on the bite-sized info. I’m creating podcasts for my articles, I included it at the top. It’s a little over 6 minutes.

            However, the Expert Interview to build your list and generate income is a little different. I’m definitely writing a blog post on that one. Thanks, Carol, for the dialogue! (and for the tweet too)

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