September 2


Gratitude is a Manifestation Tool

By Adela Rubio

September 2, 2010

Most of us had the phrase ‘thank you' drilled into us as a basic social concept. It seemed to me to be more about the appropriateness of the action than the energy behind it. But just like so many of the mundane habits that are part of our software programming the meaning behind this powerful practice has been lost amid the noise of daily living.

What if gratitude was a focusing mechanism? We know the power of words – words solidify concepts, thoughts, beliefs – they make the amorphous world of thought a physical reality. Words capture the essence of energy into form. Some viewpoints might even say that words are a manifestation of our individuation. It is the place where you refine and channel the essence of Source energy through your unique vehicle. It is where you speak your truth. It is how you speak your ‘self’ into being.

Words are powerful stuff and when our words affirm what is good, what is right in our world they solidify that goodness into reality. Do not underestimate the power of your spoken word. Worlds and universes are created from this magical process. Notice that in this realm, in our reality, we are the only known beings to transform thought into a spoken language. All sentient life communicates, however, we speak. This brings to mind a phrase from Genesis, “And the word was made flesh.” This is a direct reference to our ability to manifest via the spoken word.

One of the habits that gets in the way of manifesting our goodness is the habit of focusing on what's wrong. Notice what happens when I ask you, “What's going on?” Do you automatically go to ‘same stuff different day' or what isn't working – the physical ailments, the job that you're dreading, the difficulties in your relationship, how tight money is? Notice how there's an outpouring of situations, circumstances and complaints.

Try this question, “What's new and good in your world today?” Are you met with a long pause and a wall of silence? Hmmmm . . . what's going on there? It's a habit, that's what! We're conditioned to think of what is wrong, instead of what is right. Hence, our complaints show up more frequently than our successes. Here's where the gratitude tool comes in. It is an exercise to flex the muscle of awareness around your abundance. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Create your day. This isn't an original idea folks, it's been around a long time. Lately it's become popularized through the movie What the Bleep. As soon as you wake up, when you are in that in between haze of sleep and wakeful awareness, take a moment to intentionally imagine the day as it will unfold. How will you show up – energetic, enthusiastic, empowered, focused? What will be the overriding theme of your day. See it, feel it, taste it, touch it, hear it. What will you say? What will you do to elicit your creation?

2. Start your day with a gratitude list or prayer. You can do this however you like – you can have a gratitude journal, say out loud 3 things you're grateful for, have a gratitude box where you deposit your blessings, or join a multitude of gratitude lists.

3. Feel the energy of gratitude in your body. Become more conscious when you are in this practice, or even when you are saying thank you. How does this make you feel – is your body tingling, do you feel a warm rush throughout your body, does it bring a smile to your face, do you feel your body relax and release? Notice how it feels in your body. Feeling brings awareness and consciousness to your every moment. The more you are willing to feel the more you are able to KNOW.

May the overflowing energy of abundance stream through every fiber of your being and presence the magnificence of who you really are.

Image: Love and Gratitude, Masuru Emoto

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