February 3


Godnessing Now

God is not a thing to be achieved, but a thing to be. Sri Chimnoy

I remember the first time that I read channeled writings that  indicated that I had DIRECT access to ‘God' and divine intelligence. I felt quite shocked and at the same time it made sense to me.

Often what's true lies in the streams of paradox, mutually exclusive versions that somehow seem irreconciliable. And yet, life plays out these kinds of circumstances often enough. You can love and dislike someone, at the same time. You can be present and yet be in many places at once. In the same way, what was once an unfathomable idea comes to be an ‘of course.'

You are godnessing in action. Not a god – a porcelain figure, an adored deity, something beyond our reach – though you could be, if you wanted to. You are a unique stream,  with a particular flavor of Source  in its delightful unfolding.

All Hail!


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