March 3


How to Get Your Beauty and Brilliance

By Adela Rubio

March 3, 2008

Be Your Brand

Most of us raised in the West were taught to look for answers in books and authority figures. Unlike our cousins in the East, we weren't weaned on the values of introspection and self inquiry. The message was, “Don't dwell on yourself.”

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking can lead to an unnatural disconnection from your inner guidance and discernment. If you can't connect to yourself, there's no way you can connect to anyone, or anything, and this further fuels the illusion of separation.

The biggest consequence of this level of living is that you get cut off from your own power source … your essential being!

By God, when you see your beauty
you will be the idol of yourself.  Rumi

How can you have a healthy relationship with your family and friends, your colleagues and clients, if you don't get your own beauty? How can you experience the magnificence of another being when you haven't allowed yourself a glimpse of your own?

It's very difficult to get the beauty of who you really are on your own. Most environments, from work to home, are driven by criticism and external measures of success. It's undeniable that one of the quickest ways to get your beauty is through the eyes of another. It is in this sacred, loving container of connection and community that your true self is reflected and arises most easily.

Are you ready to step up and claim your birthright? Are you ready to play in your brilliance?

Show Me The Love

This is one of my favorite  exercises to help you tap into your beauty and brilliance. Contact a few close friends and family – people who REALLY know and care about you – and ask them what they love about you.

1. Capture Your Brilliance. Every day, for the next seven days, ask one person: “What are the top 5 things you love about me?”

2. Share Your Insights. If you want to amp it up even more, and guarantee a shift in your ability to receive, post your insights below.

And when you forget – because you will – you now have the reflection of those who know and love you to bring you back to what's true. This exercise is guaranteed to tune up those self love sensors and amp up your receiving vibration! It will also create immense clarity in your business and how you should deliver and position your offers.

You are a being of beauty and brilliance. The world is eager for your special blend of wow!

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