May 5


Freed for Fascination

By Adela Rubio

May 5, 2008

Limiting Beliefs

A mind released from self-obsession and limiting beliefs is freed for fascination, for wonder, for love. Our awareness is forced to enlarge itself to accommodate the new, and widening the awareness in this way is exhilarating. It is this love of feeling that drives fascination — feeling ourselves anew, enlarged by understanding and empathy, enlivened by curiosity. Catherine Ingram

Relying ONLY on your thinking narrows your perspective, swoops you into the miasma of 3D reality; very limited, very small, not particularly reflective of what's TRUE.

Tapping into feelings – especially those that widen the groove, plumb the depths, expand your awareness – opens you to MORE of who you really are, they propel you into your natural abilities and organically engage you in authentic sensing, seeing and being.

Unleash the fascination and curiosity of your essential nature.

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