March 11


Forgiveness or True Vision

By Adela Rubio

March 11, 2008


The act of self-forgiveness changes the energy and
physical structures of your cells, and of your DNA.

Guilt is a very powerful and deadening emotion.
Guilt in itself can, as it were, close down the energy systems
of your body, and thereby lessen, and in extreme cases,
cut off the flow of Divine Energy and Love to the body entirely.

Because each and every one of your cells has consciousness,
they too can carry the essence and energy of guilt within
them that makes their energy denser.
John Payne

I’m getting the sense that guilt and forgiveness are not really the solution and problem.They seem to be more of a limited perspective.

What if it's more about ‘right seeing’? What if when you expand your vision to sense from an eagle eye's viewpoint there is NOTHING to forgive?

Changing your vantage point, changes the view AND the knowing. From there your seeing is dictated by true vision. Presto, change-o, just like that, everything's different.

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