January 29


Flowing, Knowing and Growing

By Adela Rubio

January 29, 2008


I’m in the flow, I go and I go.
My mind is on fire as it whirls and swirls beyond.
Not knowing, not caring but sharing with all

The intensity coming in energy wheels
Swirling and curling through round and within
Reaching out streams, to and through dreams
Never dreamt of, to sites far away ,
Beyond imagination, where time has no place nor
Reason or anything we have known here.
Places where all can be and is
Where I can be me and you can be you
In the fullest of full
In dimensions unknown,
Whatever that means,
To meet going out, and coming back
Crossing over in streams
That play the great dance of new life.
The life that is REAL.

It’s a secret to many unless they are willing
To get up and go!
To join in the fun that we all know is here
I’m whooshing and swooshing as I go and go. and go.

Rosemary Graham

Adela Rubio

About the author

Adela Rubio hosts trainings and events on activating your creative essence with collaboration and community. She's hosted 40+ Online Events (30-Day Events, Virtual Summits, and digital marketing trainings) and facilitated 100's of Writing Circles.

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