May 2


Finding YOUR Profitable Essence: 4 Keys to Discovering the Authentic, Money Making Core of Your Business

By Adela Rubio

May 2, 2010

Be Your Brand, Conscious Business Marketing Telesummit, Expert Interviews

Online Visibility & Social Media Strategist

We'll explore the 4 keys to turn your business around by tapping into what makes you distinctive, incomparable, and incredibly profitable. She calls it your “Profitable Essence” and it’s revolutionizing businesses all over the world.

Nancy Marmolejo is the award winning founder of Viva Visibility, a coaching and consulting company that helps entrepreneurs get known. A gifted strategist with a heightened sense of intuition, Nancy's specialty is raising the visibility level of entrepreneurs so they can market themselves as recognized, credible experts. Her company provides social media, branding, and PR strategies for individuals and companies wanting to take their messages to bigger audiences. Her clients include thought leaders in business, the arts, niche markets, and personal development.

Profitable Essence Handout

Profitable Essence Strategy Call Request. Schedule a session with Nancy and bring your Profitable Essence online.

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