December 29


Fear Occurs in Your Absence

By Adela Rubio

December 29, 2010

I recently polled folks in my community on the following question: What is the ONE thing that most limits the expression of your True Essence?

The number one answer was: FEAR. A good number of folks also said: ME. And both answers are true, to some extent.

What if fear, and all emotions, are pointing to a potential that is currently manifest as energy eager for your attention? What if the true role of fear, and all emotions, were as a consciousness catalyst? What if the intensity of emotion were a surefire way to catapult you on an extraordinary adventure? What if fear is a portal to your power and full awareness of your TRUE essence?

There is nothing to fear at all; all that is needed is a little more awareness. So whatever your fear is, catch hold of it, look at it minutely, the way a scientist looks at a thing. And you will be surprised, it starts melting like an ice flake. By the time you have looked into its totality, it is gone. Osho

You'll soon discover that your surface level of awareness is full of judgments, assumptions, and resistance. AND … if you're experiencing fear, you're not really home. Let's dive into the deep playground of your alivening essence, get acquainted with your brilliance, and bring it to Life!

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  1. I felt irridescent pink, platinum and purple light infusing us to be in the present as this is a way of living in balance to enhance our essence and growth to see and be who we are.

  2. I saw and felt irridescent Purple, Pink and Platinum light surrounding us and the universe. Divine love and light were infusing us with new eyes for the day in awareness of being in the present erasing the feelings of angst and fear.

  3. My mind was racing and as I let go and tuned into your voice my mind went still. I heard on a deeper level that my fear is when I give my power away to an old habit. Thank you for helping me establish a new habit. With LoveLoveLove and gratitude!

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