September 17


Evolving the Paradigm of Needs

By Adela Rubio

September 17, 2008

Master Your Emotions

Have you noticed that as your sensing becomes more attuned to the multiple streams of reality that you become aware of the caverns and crevices of needs that are lurking in the murky corners of your world? We're not talking about physical needs like air, water, food or even touch. We're talking about the emotional needs that creep into your world and diminish vs strengthen your being.

What if these needs point to taking responsibility for your energy and your world? What if they point to the potential for wholeness and magnificence that is your very nature? Once you claim your birthright of brilliant being in physicality it's amazing how all the little warts and moles come out to play.

“Love brings up everything unlike itself.”
A Course in Miracles

There's no need to go into judgment about it, they're only pointing to the places where you are ripe for evolution. The next time you find yourself wanting and needing and needing and wanting x, y or z try this:

1. Breathe . . . Relax . . . Expand . . . Superconnect to All of You and All That IS. Feel the energy of Life pulsating through your body and going in and out like radio waves. It might also feel like the ripple of a pebble in a pond. Feel yourself as an essential ingredient in the cornucopia of creation. Know and fully feel ‘Who Am I' . . . Take the time to fully land this experience in your physical body.

2. Notice the sensation of want or need, or whatever other word has arisen. It's more about the energy of what you're experiencing and not about the label. You KNOW when the energy feels ‘less than.' That's a clue that you have tapped into a potential that is ready for movement.

3. Check in and feel the latitude of your willingness to explore what is TRUE, not what is apparent on the surface, but what reeks of right at the most profound core of your being. Shelve the snorkel mask and don your scuba gear. Dive deeply, go at your own pace. There's nowhere to go and nothing to do, only awareness that is coming into being.

4. What do you know now about the story of the ‘want or need‘ that has arisen in your landscape of reality? What potential is present for you in this moment?

5. Take the leap into it and say YES! Try it on, swirl in it, dance with it, be with it fully. Surrender to the energy that wants to be through you. Feel your shift of being as your engagement of the energy lands you in a new paradigm of reality right now.

You were never meant to be anything ‘less than' ALL of YOU. There is nothing outside of you that will complete you. You are a creation sourced from the abundance of life. Soar past the paradigm of wants and needs and experience the emergence of your evolution. You are completeness itself. Nothing's missing and there's more!

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