April 4


Evolving the Mind

By Adela Rubio

April 4, 2007

PhotobucketWhat if you could completely re-engineer and evolve how your mind operates?

One of the tools for transforming your perception is to reorient the mind around your connectivity to KNOWING. If the vehicle that creates so many interesting challenges with your filtering of reality is not lined up with your expanded Beingness you'll only be getting more gobbledy-gook. To begin your adventure into this solid new connection try this energy play:

1. Sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet space.

2. Take 3 deep breaths and with each successive breath allow yourself to release and expand. Close your eyes, Slow down your breathing until it is deep and rhythmic.

3. Notice where your energy is primarily located in your body right now – is it in your head?

4. Play around with shifting your energy to different areas of the body – your neck, knees, lower back, heart, feet, back of your arm, etc.

5. Notice how it feels. Become aware of the varying distinctions in each area. Label them in some fashion – tight, open, electric, warm, stuck, etc. The labels aren't important but naming what you sense lands the connection in your awareness.

6. Now fully sense your essential connection to the Living Mind, a dynamic vibrant creation that is ever evolving, and allow your body being to integrate, align and reorchestrate the intelligence in your body with the template of this superconnected pulsating network of living light.

7. Feel the distributed power of this living mind as it permeates and saturates every fiber of your being, down to the spaces between molecules of your physical body.

8. Take 3 deep breaths and allow this knowing to fully land. Bring your attention to your physical being and notice what has changed.

Entertain the possibility that you can KNOW anything and everything. Experience your connection to the living mind and vaster intelligence as an every moment practice, 24/7 if you dare 🙂

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