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Are You Poised for the Sparkling Possibilities?

Most of the planet is rushing into their resolutions, goals, objectives . . . even intentions. (Ha! I’m hosting an Intention Circle on January 1st for my community but we’ll play a little differently!) If the past few years have taught me anything it’s that life unfolds when you take the invitation to stroll on the cosmic […]

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Jumpstart Your Writing Practice With a Daily Morning Musing

I’ve been wanting to start another 30-Day Writing Project since September but it’s been one thing after another. This time it hasn’t been the stuff in my outer world. My inner world, like tectonic plates, has shifted and rearranged itself. I’m finally ready to explore the sparkly bits dancing all around me. How about you? […]

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How to Handle Intense Emotions During Challenging Times

Emotions are my thing, a playground I’m well versed in. Life has tossed me off the deep end again and again so I’ve gained some experience. Today I  move through emotions more confidently. It’s been hard won. It doesn’t mean it’s easy now, but I know I won’t be annihilated by the way I feel. […]

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Sitting With Death and Choosing Life

Have you experienced loss recently? Whether it’s the death of a loved one or a way of life it takes tremendous resources to navigate the sea of change. Some of us have local communities that can support us in trying times. Sometimes we don’t have access to those communities, for whatever reason. It could be […]

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Need Help With Finding Your Inner Voice?

How are you navigating the vortex of change and instability that is sweeping the planet? Are you solid in who you are and what you know? Do you speak your truth and honor your inner wisdom? These aren’t cool questions for a weekend workshop. These are day in/day out considerations in my world and yours. […]

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Activating the Power of Your Feminine Essence

Last October, I was wrapping up a writing circle event when I made an off handed comment on our Facebook Group that I might host an event on The Goddess. I was envisioning playing with archetypal energies, a women’s writing circle, and leading guided visualizations on awakening your feminine essence. My writing sister, Jody Lilly, of The Goddess of […]

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Failure Is a Pathway to Progress

Ever tried something and it didn’t work out? It happens all the time in my world, and I’m sure it happens in yours too. Failure is NOT a bad thing. It shows you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Whether it’s a new kind of workout, a promising business strategy or […]

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Want to Join Me On a Writing Project?

I’m a long time journal writing aficionado and attest to the power of capturing your inner world on a page.  Whenever I’ve looked back in previous journals I’ve often been shocked by the person I used to be. Nothing will more quickly attest to the leaps you’ve taken than to re-read the thoughts, feelings and experiences […]

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