March 10


Essential No-Thingness

By Adela Rubio

March 10, 2008


And what is the essential? How will you decide that only the essential is left? When there is nothing left to be denied, nothing left to be eliminated. Go on emptying your house; throw all the furniture out. When there is nothing left to be thrown out, then a great revelation happens: You gain immortality; the absolute arises in you and all its beauty and splendour, in all its ecstasy.

There comes a time when you know that it doesn't matter what the FORM of a thing is, because you know what's essential is all that's truly REAL.

As you find yourself more engaged in the essential essence of life, the details of form, time and space matter less and the stream of alivening that is your source permeates ALL of your perceptions.

And then you know that All is not only well, but indeed, splendid!

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