December 30


Envisioning The New Year: How To Play In Time

By Adela Rubio

December 30, 2016

There are certain points in the year that feel like portals, doorways, pathways, pointers… yes? This time of year feels like it. My body and being always go into reflect mode at this time. It says . . .

Feel…  Sense…  Know…

So I reflect on this year. It was a doozy in SO many ways (and I'm glad I've been reflecting on the highs and lows and whys, too). My body feels this urge to merge and submerge myself in the cosmic cauldron of creation . . .

Are you percolating the new?

Recycling/Relinquishing the old?

What is revealing itself to you?

I've been in the process of visioning since October, slowly at first and then feeling a quickening of its rhythm since Christmas. (The truth is I do this all year long.) Here's what I'm doing for launching the new year, specifically…

1. Envision enjoying the work, excited at the discovery and movement of it, as I support and connect with those I serve. Specifically envision how the work I do supports LIFE, and the Life I create for myself. I might do this by closing my eyes and letting myself be taken on a wild ride by my muse. I might do some free flow writing and let the inspiration download in and of itself. Feel free to follow your flow, your way of being guided by your inner alchemist. One of my favorite tools to capture this vision is a Vision Board. For more details on how to create your own see, 3 Ways to Create Your Yearly Vision Board.

2. Tune in to the themes that are calling to me. This year I'm called to: Creative Essence, Feminine Divine, Writing Circles, Women's Circles, Big Shifts (and more). I'm pretty conversant with my muse – and answer her call on a daily basis – so ideas just plop into my awareness. If you're still in the getting acquainted phase with yours you might try a tool like the Wheel of Life to get you started on finding your themes for the new year.

3. Write the event names and programs I want to host in Evernote, along with a short description. Evernote is my creative organization tool. It's how I manage the volume of ideas and downloads. It helps me organize and find my creative flow. You can check out my training webinar on 7 Ways to Organize Your Business Content with Evernote (for Highly Creative Entrepreneurs) if you need some help with using this fabulous tool.

4. Schedule events and programs in Google Calendar. I code my events one color and my programs in another color. (I also have other specific google calendars.) This is where the rubber meets the road, folks! You've got to put it in the calendar. Make it real!

5. Announce what I'm up to and then dive into the creation and sharing of the event. Once you've announced a program or event you have to show up. That's my secret to consistently getting into action on my creations.

Above all remember to have fun! Life is an adventure. You'll make your plans, map them out carefully and then find yourself at an unexpected fork in the road. Don't be afraid to explore and venture into the unknown. These serendipitous occurrences are often the very thing we were meant to experience. Allow yourself to  the most exquisite adventure possible. Be open and fluid. That guarantees a graceful trip in 2017!

I've been a busy little bee. I've got two events in the works. On Jan 1st I host the 21-Day Creative Essence Writing Circle. That ends on Jan 21.

We break for a week.

On Jan 28, I'm co-hosting the 42-Day Goddess of Now Event with my long time writing buddy Jodi Jodette of Goddess of Now. We'll be diving into the awakening and activation of the feminine divine!

The creative juices are flowing and the muse is on high alert. What are YOU up to? Let me know in the comments below.

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