Engaging Transformative Language

“Thoughts become things, choose
the good ones.”
Mike Dooley

How about your words? What's the impact of the language that you choose? What happens when you speak creation into being?

That's what happens, you know. The things that you say, the mantras that you utter, weave the fabric of your life. Notice the things that you say repeatedly, the automatic phrases that color and frame your habitual thoughts. These are the scaffolding for the structures that litter your world.

Words are the boundaries of your landscape. They contain your creation or they embody your limitations. Notice how difficult it is for you to do something if you repeatedly think you can't and then elaborate on all the reasons why you can't do ‘the thing.' It is the energy of your thinking, cemented by your speaking, that creates the quicksand of inability to step into action.

Here are some things to consider as you choose to consciously engage language in your personal adventure of evolution:

  1. Engage the energy of your words. The energy of your words are JUST as important as the actual words. You know that the delivery of a phrase can vary depending on the inflection of specific words. So too with the energy upon which your words rest. Your energetic intentions are as important as the words themselves.
  2. Before speaking consider ‘who you are being.' You can quickly determine your state of consciousness by how you express yourself. Your words can either open or constrict, not only you but also those around you. Consider yourself from the most expanded aspect of your being – the brilliant and magnificent YOU – and deliver your words from the highest vibration possible.
  3. Create conscious collective language. Have you noticed that generations, nationalities and regions have their ‘own language.' What if you were to consciously evoke language from a transpersonal energetic? What if you went beyond the boundary of culture, race and time and tapped into the unifying aspect of our experience? This time in history is ripe for the use of your energetic potential to powerfully connect creation.
  4. Imagine the impact of your words before you speak them. Take a moment to feel the outcome of what you are about to say. Notice if that is what you want to ripple into being. Feel the different streams of possibiities and choose the one that empowers all.

Words are an access point to awareness and transformation. You have the power and ability to engage potential with your words. Your voice is not only your vehicle of personal expression it is a bridge to collective evolution.


Energy, Possibility

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  1. As I write this, I can physically feel the words in my mouth. Thank you for the deeper awareness, the feelingness of words.

    Love you, you know, Miss Adela

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