September 24


Energetic Recalibration

By Adela Rubio

September 24, 2009


Line up your physical reality with the essence of your original magnificent blueprint. Step onto the playground of re-inventing and evolving physicality. Invoke an experiential sensation of co-creating a vibrant, flexible and powerful body with the focus of your energized intention.

Let's go for a stroll under some cool waters again . . .

1. Step into your portal for transformation (aka your shower)

2. Close your eyes. Breathe . . . Relax . . . Expand

3. See yourself vibrantly superconnected to All That Is

4. Imagine that your hands are infused with the power to create worlds, bring to life possibilities and bring awareness to wherever you direct them.

5. Notice how this feels. Acknowledge what you know.

6. Open your eyes and notice how you are still connected to this knowing.

7. Take your wash cloth in your hands and add your favorite bath gel/soap. See a golden, warm stream of light infusing your wash cloth as you lather.

8. As you wash your entire body notice how the streams of light infuse your body wherever it is needed.

9. Notice how you ‘know’ this. Do you feel any particular sensations? Is there a shift in temperature? Do you see something slightly different? Allow your knowing to surface however it chooses to.

10. Notice how vibrant, light, expanded and joyful your body feels.

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