August 20


Emotions Propel Evolution

By Adela Rubio

August 20, 2008

Energy Shifts, Master Your Emotions, Master Your Energy

Emotions engage the potential of your evolutionary nature.”  Adela Rubio

There are many layers in which to engage the world of emotions. You can relate at the 3d level of reality, where emotions are felt as an effect. They just happen to you, often caused by some outer force – a person, situation, etc. The power is outside of you.

Another way to engage emotions is at the transitional level. Here you may feel like there is a grand design behind the emotion. There is some lesson to be learned, some karma to be burned, etc. There are MANY teachers, especially spiritual, expounding this version of reality. The power is still outside of you.

Then there's the transformative level. Here you directly engage the energy of the emotion, not the story of it or the feeling of the story of it. You dive beneath the surface level of ‘apparent physical reality' and directly commune with the potential of the energy that is available in this moment. There is something wanting to BE right here and now, you can bring that into being through your authority and presence. The power is YOU.

Emotions move energy through you in such a way that you cannot ignore them. They propel you to rise to your next edge and bridge the discomfort of your current state by taking you beyond where you might have gone before. Fear is the tip of leadership, Anger is passion . . . each emotion is engaging you with its potential, seeded in the tsunami-like spiral of its movement.

You can deal with emotions at the level of effect or you can recognize them as powerful catalyzers of change. The later requires a certain level of evolutionary maturity.

Speak to the possibility elicited by emotions and propel yourself into powerful and truly authentic action.

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