October 7


Embracing Wholeness: How Inner Inquiry Gives Rise to Creative Flow

In a world that seems more fractured  every day, how do you access your creative nature to navigate the rapidly shifting dynamics of a dissonant landscape? This is the inquiry that we explored with my colleague and friend, Rose Diamond, in the most recent episode of The Wild Creatrix Cafe.

One way is to embrace your whole being, the dark and the brilliant bits. You are not a one-dimensional being but an intricate blend of divinity and matter. Claiming your true nature is the doorway to an experience of everyday bliss.

Wholeness is not only an adventure that reveals the very essence of your being. It is a practice and inquiry that opens a conversation with your soul and Life itself. It provides answers to every challenge you encounter. 

Inner Inquiry Clarifies Your Creative Flow

When the outside world is in flux it can be easy to lose your mooring. You'll get an idea and wonder whether you should act on it or wait. Inner inquiry creates certainty on which creative ideas to follow and unleashes your creative flow. Here's how Rose puts it:

"People who are creative and conscious tap into the collective consciousness. We receive direction from the cosmos. Whatever has the greatest appetite to it is what I follow. I'll feast on wholeness until it's complete. It's a natural, organic arising. It's not just from the head but from the whole being."

How do you know you are in wholeness? It's easy to identify! You feel peace, contentment, fulfillment, overflowing, a sense of gratitude, inspiration, and connection. Rose guided us through a short meditative practice to experience wholeness too.

We covered so much more. Check out the call highlights below and listen to the audio or watch the video below.

Call Highlights

  • How an inquiry invites wholeness and creativity into your world
  • How to know which creative spark to follow
  • Discoveries on a year-long adventure of wholeness
  • What are the signposts that you are in wholeness
  • How wholeness impacts the experience of life challenges

Audio Replay

Rose guides us through a visualization at 29:46.

Video Replay

Rose Diamond is an author and coach. She has over 40 years as a whole person educator, a gestalt therapist and personal and professional development trainer. Rose is a lover of evolving consciousness and delights in bringing your soul’s inspiration down to Earth in your own practical, accessible and fulfilling ways.

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Whole Mind-Whole World invites you to re-vision and re-make the world embracing the values of wholeness and unity. It supports you through inner uncertainty and turmoil into higher levels of truth, well-being and creative power. So that you can realise your deepest wisdom, exercise your genius creativity, and connect with your most heartfelt compassion and spiritual freedom, for the good of the Whole.


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