May 10


Ecstasy Lives in This Moment

By Adela Rubio

May 10, 2010

Energy Shifts, Energy Shifts II

Have you ever found yourself trying to tap into ‘this moment' and experience the ‘power of now?' It's a catch 22 kind of experience. You want to experience it, but the more that you seek it, it escapes you. The more you yearn for it, the more it eludes you. You try to relax into it, but you're still trying to ‘do it.'

It's truly a frustrating experience and you'll never get in through the front door. That's because it doesn't occur where the rest of your experience lives. The ‘now' doesn't occur ‘in time.' You can't do it, it does you.

That can be a heck of a brain twister because most of your life runs on the twisted railings of time. You make appointments and run your life by your schedule. Everywhere you go and everything you do is ‘in time.'

And yet, ‘now' occurs out of time and out of thought. That means you're actually not thinking when you experience ‘the gap.' That's why these moments easily descend upon you when you are totally in flow with a passion that totally possesses you – like art or dance or writing, or something else that totally captures your being. You've slipped through the wormhole of relative reality into the ecstatic realms

The experience is paradoxical. Time expands and contracts. Your sense of self disintegrates and solidifies. You are ‘yourself' and ‘everything.' You experience emotions and transcend them. Your body is your vehicle, and yet, it seems insignificant.

It's usually not the kind of experience that occurs at will. It descends upon you, like a muse exercising her cosmic whim, enrapturing you in her allure, leaving you writhing in ordinary existence.

The next time you find yourself in the ecstatic realms take this moment to savor and relish its essence. Relinquish expectations and sensually saturate in the now. Surrender to the existential ecstasy of life and ride the wondrous wave of timelessness.

Image: Seventh Sense, Woodley Wonderworks

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  1. Sitting outside in the early morning Sun, this energy shift was truly an ecstatic one. I felt the sweet tender caress of a collective oneness. The stillness, an orgasmic release of surrender to the All That Is…Love!

    Thank you for yet a wonderful energy shift! I am on fiyah!

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